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Queen set to invite Donald Trump to Windsor Castle for a State Visit next year

The Queen is set to invite US President-Elect, Donald Trump, on an official State Visit to the UK in mid-2017 according to reports.

According to The Daily Telegraph, senior government officials are already writing up plans for the State Visit which promises to be a historic occasion.

Mr Trump will not receive an invitation to visit the UK in an official capacity until he is sworn in as President in January.

If Mr Trump does visit the UK, he is likely to stay at Windsor Castle, partly due to major refurbishment works that will be taking place at Buckingham Palace.

This news comes a few days after it emerged the President-Elect told British Prime Minister, Theresa May, that his late mother was a ‘big fan of The Queen’.

In a ten-minute phone conversation, the President-Elect told the Prime Minister that his mother, Mary Trump, was a ‘big fan’ of the Queen.

Donald Trump also reportedly asked Mrs May to pass on his best regards to The Queen when she next visit’s Buckingham Palace.

Out of the 12 presidents in Her Majesty’s reign, only five were ever invited for a State Visit. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. So will Trump be lucky number six?

The United States and the United Kingdom have long had the “Special Relationship” that Prime Minister Winston Churchill mentioned in 1946.

On the phone to the Prime Minster, Mr Trump invited Theresa May to the US, saying: If you travel to the US, you should let me know.

Some British Members of Parliament have been questioning the future of the special relationship, with one MP raising the issue in Parliament.

Responding to the questions, Mrs May said in her weekly Prime Minister’s Questions that she “will ensure that the special relationship continues, and does so in the interests of both the UK and the US.”

  • Elaine Oxford

    I am pleased that Mr. Trump will go to see the Queen it is important that US and U.K. Keep up a good relationship.

    • That’s because we are family!!!! No more, no less!!!! We will always see this!!!!! Sorry about the Marxist/Muslim that inhabited the White House that insulted the our cousins, and caused all kinds of problems. BTW, can we have the bust if Winston Churchill back?

  • Charles Switzer

    I find it to be consistent with Her Majesty’s superb diplomatic record. However, I absolutely despise Donald Trump.

    • sosmartru

      We don’t care that you despise a man you allowed the media to influence you about. You haven’t any idea who he is . He is our President Elect, and Great Britain and its population had better treat him respectfully.

      • Mike in Texas

        Oh please … Trump is embarrassing enough as it is. No need to pile on with such appalling attitude.

      • Mustafa

        Eff off. Please tell your puppet misogynistic sexist racist xenophobic homophobic islamophobic orange shadow of a man, aka dumb Trump, to go shove it!

        Queen Elizabeth, I know the state might be putting your majesty in this difficult position but your invitation to #Trump is a betrayal and an insult to the millions of American people that are forced to put up with his nonsense.

    • You despise him because you don’t know him. Only for what the elitist propagandist fed to you!!!!! How lazy can you get!!!!! Before opening your mouth, open your mind, and do some REAL research, except nothing the media tells you, only for what you can find. Open your mind!!!! Before opening your mouth!!!!! REALLY!!!!!

  • Queen Elizabeth is letting the world know in a subtle but obvious way she approves of President-elect Trump and his policies.

    • The Duchess of Milton

      No, she’s not, actually. She’s inviting him at the behest of the Prime Minister, at a tense time for both Britain and the U.S.

    • OneWayJesus

      Yes Suzanne, that is exactly what she is doing. She has always quietly stated her disgust for the Obamas and she is wide awake to the Clintons! And she is outraged with the Islamic invasion!

    • kjs2412

      More BS from a know it all Trump idiot

      • You know anything about Trump outside of the outright lies, totally false accusation that were made up by the propaganda arm of the Communist Party? Do you? What, are you a Marxist apologist as well? I thought so. We didn’t want our nation to be a Marxist cesspool with any of these being anywhere the White House. They lied committed fraud, crimes, and all manner of corruption. If they were not so corrupt, they would all be tried and imprisoned for what they did!!!!! And you say this about a Trump supporter? You know nothing about what went on or is going on!!!!! Do some research and then tell me you agree with those Communist!!!!!! If you don’t do the research and learn then I can’t help you, you are ad corrupt as they are!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    No. Please Your Magisty, do NOT invite this buffoon to visit. Only some presidents have received an invite, no need to add to the list.

    • sosmartru

      Melissa. F off. You stupid, rude and ignorant bitch. Kiss our collective American ass.

      • Mike in Texas


      • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter

        You have no right to address Melissa like that! she too have her saying! Trump have no respect, does that mean all his followers also have no respect?

        • Melissa

          Sadly it’s true. “American Nationalists” aka racists are coming out into the open thinking they are acceptable now. I’m here to tell them they aren’t welcome. Before I’m accused of being an “illegal” I’m a WASP.

          • Kecia

            You are right

      • Sugtadst

        How about you go fuck yourself. If you are a Trump cocksucker that’s your business. There’s a whole country with IQs above 90 that elected the sensible candidate, Hillary. Just because the ones below 90 IQ make up a big population and was able to swing the elections does not mean anything. Get ready to be crushed idiot.

        • Melissa

          Thanks Sugtadst. Don’t mind so dumb, s/he is just mad s/he couldn’t make the white power meeting in D.C. today.

        • Lady Martha

          My heavens! Why do you need to be vulgar, insulting and embarrassing? Filthy language isn’t required to express your opinions, no matter how angry, disappointed or upset you may be! I never dreamed I’d live long enough to hear and read such atrocious expressions from civilized human beings who, I assume, have lost an election before. There is no excuse for a nation of allegedly decent humanity to publish filth like this!

      • Melissa

        You forgot nasty. A true American knows the right to dissent is paramount.
        I just made a donation to to DCCC in your honor. Good luck getting those imaginary factory jobs back.

    • Kecia

      Melissa, I agree, this deranged man should never be allowed in the Queens presence

  • Israel

    I’m so, so, so sorry your Majesty for that. It is a very difficult position that this horrible country has put your Royal house in. Especially when that woman of his pose naked for pornografy. So sorry!

    • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter

      well said Israel!

  • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter

    Guess you have no choice! keep it short! that is also on Trump´s bucket list! we are all suckers to believe this .

  • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter

    Your Majesty, keep it short, I guess this is on one of his bucket list! hahaha 🙂

  • Costas Kitis

    I am pleased about this news, it is exceptionally good.

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