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Queen carries on working despite suffering from a severe bloodshot eye

The Queen undertook a day of busy engagements on Tuesday despite suffering from a severe painful looking bloodshot eye.

The 90-year-old Monarch spent the day welcoming President Santos of Colombia and his wife, Mrs Santos, who are currently undertaking a State Visit to the UK.

Despite looking painful, The Queen carried on with her work regardless with sources saying that she was ‘just fine’. She has been prone to bloodshot eyes before, having previously been so swollen that she could only open her eye halfway.

Phil Dampier, who has been writing about the Royal Family for 30 years, says that Her Majesty may be too dutiful for her own good.

He says: “I have been worried for some time that she does too much. We tend to forget that she is 90 and I feel she should slow down. It is time for the younger royals to do more.

The problem is that she and Philip love being active so they are their own worst enemy. We should admire them but maybe they are too dutiful for their own good sometimes.”

Her Majesty & The Duke of Edinburgh joined the Colombian President in a procession down The Mall where thousands of onlookers gathered to catch a glimpse of the dignitaries.

The President and Mrs Santos were then treated to a tour of the Royal Collection by The Queen where they saw artefacts about Colombia. There were also pictures of The Queen meeting with Nobel Laureates. President Santos was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize.

Later in the evening, Her Majesty hosted a State Banquet for President Santos and his wife.

Before the dinner started, Her Majesty inspected the room giving her approval on every last detail, a task she takes very seriously and never misses.

The State Banquet was held inside The Throne Room at Buckingham Palace and items such as ‘Faisan de Windsor Poele a al Choucroute’ and ‘Delice d’Etremet Cremeux aux Manuges et Fruits de la Passion’ were served. Menus are always written in French as it is said the food sounds better that way.

At the reception, both Her Majesty and President Santos gave speeches. The Queen’s speech can be read in full by clicking here.

Additional reporting by Jamie Samhan
  • Charles Switzer

    I do wish she would be more mindful of her age. She needs to delegate more of her workload to Prince Charles. She is 90 years old, her subjects would understand.

    • adam smith

      Her subjects?

  • Arnold Tarling

    She is an example to us all and puts to shame all the lazy good for nothings who shirk work at the slightest opportunity. I once broke my arm butcontinued to work as a surveyor climbing scaffolding, climbing into lofts – only had to arrange transport. The number of people who stopped me and told me I should tell my boss I couldn’t work was disgraceful. just look at the para olympiand and what they can do. it is a state of mind – can do will do.

  • Royal Bloodline Descent on fa

    To be a king or Queen one is devoted to their subjects, a example is Queen Elizabeth 11 who has has shown dedication not only for her family but to all within her commonwealth .

    She has shown time and time again even though she has a temporary eye problem she still cares for her people and we should be thankful she takes time for all of us in her commonwealth and beyond.

    Frederic von Ebert

    Royal Bloodline Descent on Facebook

    Email. royal.bloodline.

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