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Confusion as Ed Balls, Frank Skinner and Harry Hill perform at The Queen’s Birthday Party

People took to social media on Saturday evening to air their confusion over one of the acts asked to perform at The Queen’s 92nd birthday party.

Comedians Frank Skinner and Harry Hill were joined on stage by Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls, who performed a number in tribute to George Formby OBE.

The Royal Family showed their appreciation following the performance

Playing their banjoleles, the trio sang ‘When I’m Cleaning Windows’ – one of Mr Formby’s most famous numbers.

Her Majesty no doubt enjoyed the special birthday performance. She is a huge fan of George Formby. She even wanted to be President of The George Formby Society.

But many on social media were left confused over how two comedians and a man who had a chance at becoming Prime Minister ended up singing at The Queen’s 92nd birthday party.

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