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Canadians disavow citizenship oath to Queen

After comments came down from the Canadian province of Ontario’s highest court, a group of Canadians both new and old, have been publicly disavowing their oath to Queen Elizabeth that they took when becoming citizens.

The pledge is still required during the citizenship ceremony, but some are renouncing it as soon as the ceremony is over. Other Canadian’s are now declaring their anti-monarchist views decades after becoming Canadian. “It is pretty hard for me to consciously swear to be faithful and to bear true allegiance to someone who has inherited her privileges and without having to prove any other merit than the fact to be the ‘child of’,” said Eric Dumonteil, a French national who became a citizen last week.

Eric Dumonteil, a French national who became a Canadian citizen last week, said: “It is pretty hard for me to consciously swear to be faithful and to bear true allegiance to someone who has inherited her privileges and without having to prove any other merit than the fact to be the ‘child of’

“How could I rationally swear the same thing to her heirs and successors? Signing a blank cheque to some people that don’t exist yet? Not for me.”

Dumonteil from Montreal, 31, first came to Canada five years ago. After undergoing the citizenship ceremony he passed a letter disavowing the oath to the citizenship judge.

Dror Bar-Natan, an Israeli national, a women from Jamaica and an Irishman all lost a battle in 2014 to have courts strike down the requirement for would-be citizens to swear to be “faithful and bear true allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, her heirs and successors” as it is discriminatory.

The Ontario Court of Appeal did, however, note that the three had the opportunity to “publicly disavow what they consider to be the message conveyed by the oath” and the chance to “freely express their dissenting views as to the desirability of a republican government.”

Last year the Supreme Curt refused to join in, bringing an end to the legal matter.

Bar-Natan has leaned on the Appeal Court comments saying that the oath is equivalent to a “hazing” ritual, he has recalled his oath both orally and in a letter just moments after he became a citizen in November.

He set up a website ( to allow others to do the same, so far that number is around 30 people.

The monarchy is a “form of abuse of the masses” according to Jake Javanshir of Toronto, a man from Iran who took his oath in the early 1970s. He disavowed in December saying the monarchy is something he couldn’t support, saying:

“I resented the part of the oath in regard to a few privileged people in England in 1970 but could not do anything about it, and resent it up to this day,

“My solidarity is to Canada and humanity, which is based on justice and decency and being a good citizen of the world, not to an antiquated system of ‘royals and royalties, kings, queens, princesses and on.”

Some other posts on the setup website showed the same feeling, many saying that they feel an allegiance to Canada but feel hypocrisy in taking the oath.

Masrour Zoghi, who became a Canadian in 2001, explained his disavowal with the words: “As someone put it recently, because it’s 2015,” a reference to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comment on why his new cabinet is half female and mix-raced.  Terence Stone, who became a citizen a year ago, wrote:

“I have carried the terrible feeling that I compromised my integrity; and so now I’m repairing that harm to myself by disavowing my pledge of allegiance to the Queen and body royal in perpetuity,”

The 30-year-old Karolina Sygula, made it known that she was “no one’s subject.”

The Canadian government, which fought to keep the oath, has made it understood that disavowals are legal and do not jeopardize anyone’s citizenship.



  • José Maria Montargil

    So childish the arguments. Is not serious. Don´t go to Canada, go to Mali, or Cuba, they have no kings.

  • Théo

    Well, that disavowel thingy is for all those who think they are the greatest. I mean, of course we are subjects to Her Majesty and Her heirs and successors. We always were and we always will be. The monarchy is God-given form of government. It is the oldest and therefore the most successful as it still exists till that very day.
    Long Live Her Majesty Elizabeth II, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Fidei Defensor.
    Long Live the Monarchy!

    • Iain

      Theo, while I agree with your sentiments, just one small point, Her Majesty is not Queen Elizabeth the second. Before her, Britain did not have a previous Queen Elizabeth.

      • FJ

        We did have a previous Queen Elizabeth (1st). She was the Daughter of Henry viii 🙂 xxx

      • Théo

        Nor did Canada or Austrialia have another queen, named Elizabeth, but they also do recognise Her Majesty as Queen Elizabeth II. And that, dear monarchist friend, is because the Governments of the different “realms and terriories” (that including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Commonwealth monarchies) agreed on having the current monarch’s highest regnal number as common.
        You know His Majesty King James II&VII. Indeed if we did keep that regnal-number-mess we would have now quite a strange situation. The Prince of Wales would be something like “Charles III&IV&II&I&V”.

    • Bobby Brown

      IGNORANT ASSHOLE…god is a creation of mankind, not the other way around…as the children of the FISRT NATIONS of this land were tortured and abused (still are) by the colonial powers so should your children had been served the same treatment, you would not be making such ignorant remarks!

  • Halapastelero

    if you don’t like the process, you should consider going back to your place of birth.

    • Dude

      I believe the original inhabitants of Canada (Indians) are still waiting for you to do that. when will you comply with your advise??

  • LANcashire lass

    TIf you are unwilling to give oath of allegiance to the Queen and you wish to live in a country belonging to the commonwealth, I suggest you seriously reconsider where you actually want to live. If your conscience for any reason will not allow this oath, then no excuses, just stay where you are. No benefits of living in a commonwealth country without swearing an oath.

    • Marcello1099

      Send them all to the CAR!

  • Paul

    If they do not want to stay loyal to their oath then they should have their citizenship stripped and be deported! It is absolutely appalling the Canadian Government’s position on this matter. They fight to keep the oath but do not bother to enforce it in any way? What was the point?!

    • Interesting

      We will never be loyal to the queen of England ?!?! Get over it conservative rate !!

  • esperanza

    I love the Royals and what they represent, which is a lot, without them we would practically be animals because we live in a very immoral world and they show us so much on how to act properly, manners, ethics and charity. They are piers to be respected and look up to..

    • Colin Brookes

      The last laugh is on them. They are slowly turning Canada in to the type of country that they left.

  • Randy Thompson

    To disavow any part of the citizenship oath is to stop being a citizen…. these people should be stripped of the rights and privileges that the people who built the county fought and died for without any exceptions. And I question how they got let in in the first place?

  • ltrasczak

    They should be deported.

    • Canadian – Not British !!

      Go back to England !!!! you Dog of the queen

  • MythR

    I’d pledge oath to Justin Trudeau if he strips for me!

    • Marcello1099

      Pathetic little teenager of a PM!

      • MythR

        Why pathetic, he is smart.

  • Kiwiwriter

    Well, these folks have a right to free speech, which is guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution, whose chief defender is Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II, by Grace of God, Queen of Canada, and Her Other Realms, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, so if they want to be whiners, they have a right to be whiners. As for “heirs and successors,” theoretically that WOULD include republican presidents, so they are also exercising their right to be stupid. And that’s all I have to say about that.

    • Theodore Harvey

      No. Any future republican “government” of Canada would be an illegitimate abomination to which no real Canadian would owe anything at all. Monarchy forever! Or Death. I would rather Canada drown in rivers of blood than become a republic. Any future republican president would deserve to be assassinated.

  • Florence Cresswell

    this woman gave her life and still is for the good of the countries and the people….If those that will not take the pledge as it is then just go home….In the US we have an oath to the country and flag and constitution if u can not do it then leave….It will not change because you want it to……geezzz GROW UP

  • Jane Brennan-Martin

    Of course – he’s French living in Montreal ….

  • BobWiggin

    Well done to all those Canadians who have disavowed the oath they were compelled to take to an unelected aristocrat and I hope this will be the thin end of a very big wedge. Ignore the monarchy fanatics’ universal condemnation, they are instinctively and irretrievably undemocratic.

    • Marcello1099


      • BobWiggin


  • Robert Richardson

    I have to laugh at this because you really can’t make it up. You want to come live in a county that was built by the British and yes, we still enjoy that life today. If you don’t like living under the Crown, then go live where you came from. Most likely a 3rd world dump.

    • Lindsay Clarke

      I love your beautiful former Canadian flag, so much more representative than the maple leaf beach towel.

    • Marcello1099

      Let them rot in some Third World sh!thole. And this from a Yank, and a Marine to boot! God Save The Queen.

    • Canadian – Not British !!

      Go back to England !!!!

      • Robert Richardson

        So what makes you so Anti British? Our forefarthers made this country. But you love it now. Don’t like it go to some crap hole that cares.

  • Adrian E

    It’s part of the deal. If they don’t like it, don’t take the oath in the first place. And yes, that does mean they wouldn’t be accepted inot citizenship. It’s poor citizenship to take an oath you know you have no intention to honour.

  • Manx. Q.


  • Theodore Harvey

    A nice monarchist might say these vermin should be deported. I say it’s too late for that. They’re Canadian citizens now and traitors. They should be hanged, drawn, and quartered for treason.

    • Marcello1099

      Shot at sunrise! Filth.

  • Richie Hayward-Keen


  • Richie Hayward-Keen


  • Bill Mountford

    In all her realms, Her Majesty gives dignity stability and continuity as members of her democratically elected governments come and go. There are many republics such as Zimbabwe or North Korea where elected presidents govern for the benefit of their people. Nearby in the USA is a country which has elected though almost hereditary presidents who then have the powers of a mediaeval monarch. No one is forced to stay in Canada, there are so many alternatives available. Disavowal of the oath should be equivalent to renunciation of citizenship. God save the Queen.

  • CM90

    If you don’t like to that country’s law, better to go a place with laws you can follow, without making trouble every where in the world

  • Marcello1099

    Disgraceful! Then go somewhere else, pigs!

    • Canadian – Not British !!

      Go Back to England English Dog !!

  • Kurt Steiner

    I am an American who lives within walking distance of Canada and who deeply admires the country and its institutions. I would gladly move there if I could…and I would gladly take the Oath of Citizenship to Her Majesty.

    These people have HAD to know that the Monarchy is PART of being a Canadian, native-born or immigrant. To my mind, if you don’t want to affirm that, move to a republican country…but I can tell you from hard experience, “republican” governance is not all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Big.hunk

    The queen is already 100+ years old. If the queen is reading my comment, I will urge her to stop this oath taking drama in Canada by herself. I guess she will get many people’s blessings on her last few years. She should also apologize to the commonwealth for many hateful crimes committed by English forces on 1700 to 1940s.

  • Just_wondering78

    Canada is a known Commonwealth country. Anyone looking to come here knows that Her Majesty is our sovereign. It’s insulting that they can come here, “take the oath”, and then basically spit on our ways! If you don’t like that we pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, move to another country!

  • Lord Crawbrook

    For those that do not like the oath,DO NOT come here then. Go be a american.

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