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Beacons lit for Queen’s 90th birthday

From Stonehenge to the Shetland Islands, beacons have been lit far and wide in honour of The Queen’s 90th birthday.

Around 1000 beacons have been lit across the UK, the first one being set alight by Her Majesty herself in Windsor.

Dressed in a spring green outfit and headscarf, the 90-year-old monarch lit the beacon in front of a crowd of thousands who gathered to get a glimpse of her.

There was a slow start to the ceremony, but eventually the beacon outside Windsor Castle was engulfed in flames.

Before Her Majesty lit the beacon, her eldest son, Prince Charles made a short speech in which he led three cheers for The Queen.

He said: “I find it very hard to believe that you’ve reached your 90th year and I suddenly realised the other day that I have known you since you were 22 years old.

“But this, ladies and gentleman, is a very special occasion and this beacon that her majesty is about to light will also represent – as it lights other beacons across the nation – the love and affection with which you are held throughout this country and the Commonwealth.

“So can we wish your majesty a special and the most happiest of birthdays on this occasion.”

The monarch then went back to Windsor Castle to attend a private dinner hosted by Charles, with all her close friends and family attending.

One of today’s most impressive beacon lighting ceremonies was where members of the Army cadet force took beacons to the top of the highest peaks of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Some of the beacons are gas-fuelled structures, whereas others are large bonfires.

Earlier in the day, Her Majesty was presented with a birthday cake made by the winner of the Great British Bake Off, Nadiya Hussain.

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