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Meghan Markle ends her Reitmans contract in yet another sign of an impending engagement

Just over a week since Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle shut down her lifestyle blog The Tig, it has come to light that the Actress has also ended her contract with the Canadian fashion brand Reitmans.

Miss Markle had a contract with Reitmans which she was the face of two collections of her own which both sold out as soon as her relationship with Prince Harry came to light in October 2016. She also acted as a Brand Ambassador for the store.

Reitmans reportedly wanted to extend their contract with the Actress but she turned them down. The fashion brand offered a large salary increase but she could not be swayed.

Turning down her contract and shutting down her blog are leading many to believe Miss Markle is getting her affairs in order to marry into the Royal Family.

The blog, Meghan’s Mirror also sees this as the next step in Harry and Meghan’s relationship, saying: “We see there being two big reasons why Meghan might terminate her relationship with Reitmans. The first, and most possibly exciting, is that she is progressing her relationship with Prince Harry and is leaving her both her brand relationships (Reitmans) and entrepreneurial ventures (The Tig) in order to focus her image and future within the royal family.

“The second is that given her huge increase in popularity since the time the last collection’s deal would have been negotiated made it impossible for both sides to reach common ground. Given that Meghan has exited both her blog and her fashion ambassadorship, it definitely has left royal watchers crossing their fingers for an announcement – but we believe only Meghan and Harry themselves would know the answer to the question.”

As of yet, she has not left the television show, Suits, of which she has a starring role.



  • Karen119

    Am I the only one who thinks this match is nothing short of a disaster?

    • Gail V

      It’s their disaster to make..

  • Michael Hill

    A Gold Digger of the Highest Order.

    • Jim


  • Debbie Valenta

    I can’t help but think this is strictly MM’s plan, in the hopes that by doing so, she’ll receive the Queen’s approval if and when a proposal is forthcoming. Personally, I feel it’s a foolish match considering her baggage, but there are worse things to be upset about these days.

  • Diane Piotrowski Brown

    This appears to be his most mature relationship to date. I think they are very sympatico. It appears to me that many think her being an American is an issue. Why? The royal family is German afterall! You can change your name but you are still German. It is 2017. Who cares? Isn’t it more important for Harry to be happy? I think he is happy w Meghan. Gold digger? Hardly. She is grounded. She has kept her mouth shut. A few IG posts early on. Her half sister who doesn’t know her is trying to cash in on her 15 minutes. Despicable.
    I wish them well!

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