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Princess Anne’s conversation with Meghan on Friday suddenly makes sense

A conversation between The Princess Royal and the Duchess of Sussex on Friday at the wedding of Princess Eugenie suddenly makes a lot more sense following the news of her pregnancy.

On Friday morning, Royal Central reported that the Duchess of Sussex and Princess Anne exchanged in a lengthy and animated conversation in St George’s Chapel as they waited for the arrival of the bride.

Meghan and Anne were seated next to each other at the ceremony, and every time the camera panned on them, they were smiling chatting ahead of the start of the service.

It was unclear at the time what the two royals were discussing, but they were moving their hands and appeared to be enjoying the discussion.

Now it appears the royal pair were talking about the news of Meghan’s pregnancy. It is understood that Harry & Meghan informed members of their family of her pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding.

Royal Central’s editorial team do not claim to have the gift of lipreading, however, we believe the transcript of the 15 seconds of video is something along the lines of:

Meghan: “How big did you get?”

Anne: “This big”

Meghan “That big?”


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