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Prince Philip takes the Obamas for a ride

The President’s visit to the UK has been carefully planned for months, with some of the world’s best security measures in place. However, it is unknown what the CIA were thinking when 94-year-old Prince Philip took to the wheel and chauffeured the Obamas to Windsor Castle.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Range Rover is very different to the bomb proof cars the President normally travels in, with an entourage of CIA agents nearby.

The journey didn’t quite go according to plan however, as the President tried to get in the backseat of the car, he was told by Her Majesty’s protection officers that The Queen would be sitting there.

The American media seemed bemused by the episode, with many gasping: “Is Obama driving”, having forgotten that in the UK the driver sits on the right.

Barack and Michelle Obama travelled to Windsor to have lunch with The Queen and Prince Philip.

During lunch, President Obama wisher Her Majesty a very happy 90th birthday, and her a birthday present. The gift was a photograph album which detailed her meetings with all of the US Presidents and First Ladies.

After lunch, the President met Prime Minister David Cameron for talks and a joint press conference where he made his position on the European Union referendum known.

In his most drastic intervention yet, Obama said that if Britain left the EU, they would be at the “back of the queue” with US trade.

Later on in the day, the Obamas had dinner at Kensington Palace with the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

This is President Obama’s last visit to the United Kingdom whilst he is in the oval office. A new President will be inaugurated in January with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being the most likely contenders in the battle for the White House.

  • Bill

    CIA does not protect the President. That is the job of the Secret Service is part of the Department of the Treasury.

    • RoyalOwl

      The Royal Family travels with a very sophisticated Security detail !

    • Nthsaddle2

      Secret Service is part of Department of Homeland Security – not Treasury – as of April 2003.

    • 54StarryNights

      Bill — It was part of the Department of the Treasury until it was transferred to Homeland Security in 2003.

  • Wayne Pratt

    “During lunch, President Obama wisher Her Majesty a very happy 90th birthday, and her a birthday present.” Now this really makes sense… so much incorrect here.

    • Ted Martin

      No proofreader ?

  • Sionnan_Eilis

    I am a huge fan of Obama, but he is WAY out of line with his statement about OUR vote regard the EU. The day he stands up and releases a press statement imploring his own citizens to vote for a specific presidential candidate with a very thinly veiled threat of reprisals (back of the queue? How DARE he?!) and it goes down well…..that is a day I would like to see. He is entitled to a personal opinion, he is NOT entitled to meddle in our politics nor to instill fear among our population with his threats of trade issues in order to manipulate the vote to benefit America. Disgraceful, unprofessional conduct.

    • Ted Martin

      TPP too.

      • Sionnan_Eilis

        Exactly. American interests.

    • Raquel

      Sionnan_Ellis…and you still consider yourself a “Huge” fan of Obama….??? you were correct in saying it was disgraceful and unprofessional, I might say EXTREMELY unprofessional…but what can you expect from a liar, uneducated pot-smoking ego-maniac and….I might as well stop it there.

      • nikolaus

        your right

      • Sionnan_Eilis

        Yes I do. Different opinions are allowed 😉

    • KeinJunkMail

      What? You may not like his opinion, but every national leader expresses sentiments on the behavior of other countries, precisely because the actions of foreign powers affect domestic welfare. If the US hadn’t gotten involved in British politics 7 decades ago, there is a non-trivial chance we might be having this conversation in German. Although I, like virtually all other economists, think the UK has the most too lose, the US and EU (in particular Germany), will also lose if the UK exits. What sovereignty the UK stands to gain in practical ways is unclear to me as an outsider (of course, I see the symbolic value). I would like someone to spell it out for me. BTW I am an American academic at German university, interviewing at for a new lectureship at a UK one next week, so I am not informed, but I do have a horse in this race. I am genuinely curious what the case, measured in Sterling, for Brexit is.

      • Alex Sheibani

        What sovereignty the UK stands to gain in practical ways? The main issue is immigration the ability to control who comes in for what reason, the country needs immigration, it needs to have the ability to be selective about immigration to benefit the most & help the most people from immigration. Being able to self regulate immigration is all the problems related to immigration solved for the UK. Immigration is a major sterling issue. Would you rather have a family come over who are all university graduates, speak multiple languages are purchasing a six million pound home or someone who will need benefits from some place in Eastern Europe?

        • KeinJunkMail

          But practically, if the UK wants to trade with Europe,(loss of free trade with the EU is way more expensive than any freeloading immigrants Britain has had to deal with) , it will have to take a deal like Switzerland’s or Norway’s at best, and labor movement is part of the deal. I just don’t see the EU moving on this one, given that they haven’t yet. The UK bargaining position with the EU is just going to be way weaker outside than inside.

          • Alex Sheibani

            Not true on bargaining position of the UK being weaker outside EU in relation to immigration. UK Needs Immigration & wants to control it. People in the UK are already dreading the next major wave of migrants.

      • Sionnan_Eilis

        I disagree with your initial point. NOT every national leader…in fact none that I’m aware of…has made a statement to the press urging the people of the USA to vote for Bernie or Clinto or Trump in regards to the presidency nominations. That is the level of his meddling. Furthermore, no national leader has said ‘vote for this person or we will make things difficult for you like this’ (insert any ideal that may sway the vote of the American public). This was a blatant attempt to manipulate the population of another country in how they choose to vote. Not on. If you really are genuinely curious, may I remind you that you are on the internet. Do some research 😉

  • Matthew

    The CIA reports to the President and works with the SS. Oh, how ya think Obama knew where Osama was. The CIA not only protects the President, but the Nation. And it is also a nation-builder.

  • Matthew

    USAF/ CIA -SEpt.18,1947
    USSS- 1865, then to locate counterfeit money, and after the assassination of William McKinley, to protect the Presidents. In 2003, to protect national celebrities as well.

  • Matthew


  • RoyalOwl

    Her Majesty looks thrilled !

  • Diane

    Why would Britain be at the back of the queue with US trade? The US is not part of EU. President O is incompetent!

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