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Jeremy Corbyn says that if elected Prime Minister next week, he won’t abolish the monarchy

Jeremy Corbyn has reaffirmed that if elected Prime Minister in the General Election next week, he will not seek to abolish the monarchy.

When quizzed during the Battle for Number 10 leaders debate, Mr Corbyn said that the matter was out of the question.

Moderator Jeremy Paxman asked the Labour leader why there was nothing in his manifesto about getting rid of the monarchy.

Mr Corbyn replied: “Look, there is nothing in there because we are not going to do it.”

This was met with laughter and applause from the audience; with Mr Paxman persisting on the topic.

Mr Corbyn said: “I had a very nice chat with The Queen. We got along absolutely fine, and I do not think she should be brought into political discussion.”

The topic certainly was a focal point of the debate, leading to Mr Paxman asking the Labour leader whether the monarchy should cease to exist after Her Majesty’s death.

He responded by saying he would follow the law as it stands.

Jeremy Corbyn is known to have republican sympathies, however, he remained adamant during the debate that he would not wish for the monarchy to be abolished.

The snap General Election will take place on June 8 with Conservative Leader Theresa May currently leading the polls.

However, in the past week, her lead has fallen dramatically with Labour taking a huge gain in the opinion polls.

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