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Message from Martin on stepping down as editor

Thank you all for your kind messages after announcing I am stepping down at the end of July. I’ve so very much enjoyed following the highs and lows of the royals with you all over the last two years and it will be sad for me to leave the site but alas, personal and professional commitments have meant that it’s no longer possible for me to carry on editing.

From starting Royal Central back after the Jubilee in 2012, I have been heartened by the amount of support that still exists for the Royal Family in Britain and around the world and I have alway tried to demonstrate the incredible force for good the Royal Family can do in all different countries and for all different causes, I hope I’ve gone some way to doing this.

I’ve so much enjoyed engaging with you all on Twitter and through the site and I very much hope we can continue to do so (I’ll still be lurking around on Twitter in the future).

My final line must go to Cindy, who will take over from me as Editor at the end of next month. I wish her the very best of luck in the role and hope you’ll greet her come the 28th with the same warmth and good-nature as I received from when I first started right up to now – I know she’ll do great.

Thank you all very much for your continued support & interest,

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