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Prince Charles was 2016’s hardest working royal, followed by Princess Anne

The annual survey of the Royal Family’s public engagements has been released in the customary letter to the Times from the paper’s ‘unofficial royal archivist’, Tim O’Donovan, now on his 38th year of conducting the survey.

A total of 3,725 engagements were performed by the 15 members of the Royal Family classed as working royals within the Court Circular.

The total number of engagements undertook in 2016, compiled by Tim O’Donovan

Senior members of the Royal Family are still conducting more engagements than younger members of the family. The 90-year-old Queen conducted more engagements in 2016 than The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge combined.

The Prince of Wales has regained the top position for the hardest working member of The Royal Family clocking up a total of 530 engagements – 98 of which were conducted overseas.

The Princess Royal, who was the hardest working member of The Royal Family in 2015, this year settles for second spot having conducted 509 engagements.

Princess Anne was hampered earlier in the year when she fell ill and had to cancel many engagements. This could have been the deciding factor over which royal conducted the most work.

The Earl of Wessex conducted the third most amount of public engagements in 2016, making a total of 359.

The Queen decreased the total amount of engagements undertaken in 2016 compared to the previous year.

Prince Charles increased the number of engagements he undertook by three.

Another increase this year was the Duke of Cambridge, who conducted 188 engagements compared to the 122 he undertook in 2015. This is similarly reflected by the Duchess of Cambridge, who only undertook 62 engagements in 2015, compared to the 140 this year. The increase was expected, however, as she gave birth last year.


  • luigi pasquali

    Dedications and cutting ribbons cannot be considered work. It’s just too easy.

    • David

      They still have to turn up to do the work – that requires preparation and dedication

  • Linda Gordon

    Our royal family is fab. Also worth noting that the younger royals have increased their workload this year, especially Prince William, even if he has a part-time job and a young family.

    • Animosity4U

      Work? we should all have such “work”!

      • Cygnifier

        Have you ever done public relations work? It is not easy. Work doesn’t have to be manual labor to be legitimate work. Their involvement isn’t also just showing up and waving. Their involvement in fundraising with charities is certainly an important contribution to the general good. The younger royals, especially, are involved in the organizational work behind the scenes to make events happen. Prince Harry’s work with the Invictus Games is one example. Foreign diplomacy is also work that involves time, attention, and knowledge — and is an honourable contribution.

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