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Queen Silvia to spend another night in hospital

Queen Silvia will spend another night in hospital following being admitted on Friday evening with a heavy cold and dizzyness.

Her Majesty is being kept under observation and doctors will decide whether to discharge her tomorrow morning.

This means The Queen will spend Christmas morning in hospital, and this visit could be extended further.

The Royal Court has said that Her Majesty has suffered from a cold recently and was taken to Karolinska University Hospital in Solna due to dizziness. The 73-year-old celebrated her birthday with her family yesterday at Drottningholm Palace.

In the press release, the Royal Court said, “The Queen has been taken to hospital late last night. The Queen has had a cold for a time and was hit during Friday evening of dizziness. The Queen is still in hospital for observation and sampling and feels well under the circumstances.”

Her daughter, Princess Madeleine was at Her Majesty’s side overnight and travelled with her to Karolinska University Hospital. Her family have gathered together, waiting for The Queen to be discharged so they can celebrate Christmas together.

According to Expressen, she was taken to the hospital after the dizziness incident occurred “in connection with the Drottningholm Palace Theatre’s concert in Drottningholm Palace Church.”

The Royal Court has said that Queen Silvia will remain in the hospital under doctor’s orders for “observation and sampling” according to Margareta Thorgren, the Royal Court’s Director of Information and Press Department. She also said that Her Majesty is doing well under the circumstances. At the moment, it is not known when the Queen will be released to return home.

Queen Silvia and the rest of the Swedish Royal Family do not have any more events scheduled for the remainder of 2016.

Additional reporting by Brittani Barger