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Crown Princess Katherine hosts members of the International Women’s Club

This week Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia welcomed members of the International Women’s Club to the Royal Palace at Dedinje, in Serbia’s capital city of Belgrade.

Club President Mrs Ann Pesic and a number of club members joined the Crown Princess in a discussion about ongoing and future projects and shared stories of their humanitarian work experiences. The event also provided a great opportunity for networking and exchanging contacts.

As per their mission statement, The International Women’s Club of Belgrade “works to meet the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized populations in Serbia and tries to effect a positive long-term change in our community”. These efforts are coordinated and run by the Club’s Charity Committee.

At the conclusion of the event His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander joined his wife and the assembled guests for a photo call on the palace steps.

TRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine with Mrs. Ann Pesic and members of the International Women’s Club. Photo Credit: Royal Palace Belgrade

In a statement following the event the Crown Princess spoke about the importance of welcoming community organisations such as the International Women’s Club into the palace saying: “The Royal Palace is not just a home for my family and me. It is a place of gathering, a home for all our people, no matter the differences between them, a place of connecting and helping all those who need help.”

She also noted that the International Women’s Club shares her devotion to encouraging women to come together and to work together to help positively effect change, saying: “I can tell that the International Women’s Club has the same mission – to bring women together, to keep all those international and diplomatic connections and to work for a good cause. This is why I am delighted to see such incredible and successful ladies here today and I hope that our connections and good ideas will result in even more projects of making this world a better place.”

International Women’s Club’s members in the visit to the Royal Palace. Photo Credit: Royal Palace Belgrade

Princess Katherine’s charitable activities have been numerous since her marriage to His Royal Highness Crown prince Alexander in 1985 and her efforts have brought much needed help and resources especially to children and the elderly.

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