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Prince William and Prince Harry help move sandbags in Datchet

Prince William and Prince Harry have made an unofficial visit to Datchet to help move sandbags as the region prepares for more heavy rain.

The royal brothers arrived at 7am this morning with the Household Calvary at Datchet Golf Club.

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Although not announced by the Palace, a spokesman for the two confirmed they had “wanted to help with relief effort and felt the best way was through the Army”.

During their visit, the Windsor Observer reports the brothers helped build a fortress of sandbags, which is being used to prevent further flooding for Datchet residents.

William and Harry, who were dressed in waterproof clothing and wellington boots, helped form a human chain with a team of 20 members of the Household Cavalry and Network Rail staff to unload dozens of sandbags.

The area of Datchet has been badly hit by the flooding and there are fears the conditions will get worse as more rain is forecast.

  • Amanda

    Good on them! Nice to see them rolling up their sleeves and helping out. I’m proud of these boys.

  • artemis11

    reportedly they were there for 45 minutes and then left with the tabloid press photographers and a palace publicist … the soldiers continued slogging through the mud the rest of the day in anonymity

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