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The Sussexes

Duke of Sussex takes part in solo events on tour while Duchess rests

The Duchess of Sussex took most of the day off to rest while the Duke headed over to Fraser Island to take in the largest sand island in the world with a total of 206,970 acres of protected forest.

With no proper roads, 4×4 vehicles are used to get across the island making for a bumpy ride. Even though the island has been grooming the island for the royal visit, the rough terrain would be difficult for a pregnant lady potentially dealing with morning sickness.

First up for Prince Harry took part in a traditional Smoking Ceremony with the Butchulla people and unveiled a plaque for the dedication of the Forests of K’gari into the Queens Commonwealth Canopy.

“Luckily we are highly skilled in unveiling plaques,” joked Prince Harry

Adding: “It runs in the family.”

During his speech, 72-year-old Mally Clarke shouted out that he is “much better looking in person!”

To which Harry replied: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Harry then ventured over to Lake McKenzie, known for its picturesque beauty where park rangers gave him the rundown on the biodiversity of the island.

The Butchulla people then hosted the Duke at McKenzie’s Jetty to learn about the logging trade on the island. During World War II, the Australian Z Special Unit used it as their training base.

The Duke finished the day midafternoon with Meghan joining him for a walkabout at the Kingfisher Bay Jetty. A pleasant surprise for some tourists that booked their holiday months ago only to learn that they would be sharing it with a one in a lifetime chance to meet royalty.

Harry will be spending the rest of the day with Meghan as they take downtime before flying to Fiji in the morning.