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Princess Charlene of Monaco gives birth to twins

<![CDATA[Princess Charlene of Monaco has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl.
It was thought that the Princess would give birth close to Christmas, and the South-African former swimmer was admitted to Princess Grace hospital around lunchtime today, local time. The twins were delivered via caesarean section are called Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier and Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie. Though Gabriella is 2 minutes older, her brother Jacques is the new heir of Monaco, as the principality follows the rule of primogeniture.
Prior to the birth, Albert cleared up this issue: "In the case that one is a girl and the other a boy, it will be the boy," The Prince said.
The Royal palace released details about how the birth of Royal twins will be celebrated in Monaco. "In celebration of the joyous arrival of these two children and without distinction, forty-two cannon shots (twenty-one for each child) shall be fired from the Fort Antoine and church bells shall ring for fifteen minutes, followed by boat horns," the statement read.
The announcement included that an official proclamation signed by Prince Albert will verify the birth of the twins and will be displayed at the entrance of the Palace.
Prince Albert earlier revealed that he does not know the gender of his babies.
"The princess probably knows but she is playing the game, she is keeping the secret as I asked her to,” Prince Albert commented
The twins are the first of the Grimaldi line since the 13th century, and are now 2nd and 3rd in line to the throne. Jacque will be given the title of Marquis, as is tradition, and his title is Marquis of Baux. Gabriella is Countess of Carladès.
Further detail will be forthcoming and Royal Central will provide updated information.
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