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The Queen takes Conservative MP hostage at Buckingham Palace

The Queen has taken a Conservative Member of Parliament hostage at Buckingham Palace whilst she delivers her speech at the Palace of Westminster.

Chris Heaton-Harris, MP for Daventry, is being ‘held captive’ at the Palace and will be released once the Monarch has been safely returned from the State Opening of Parliament.

Mr Heaton-Harris arrived at Buckingham Palace before The Queen departed by car to the Palace of Westminster. He will remain here until the 91-year-old returns.

The tradition of keeping an MP hostage is a centuries-old tradition that originated when the Monarch and Parliament were on less friendly terms.

The hostage is usually a government whip, and this year the chosen MP is also Vice-Chaimberlain of the Household.

Taking an MP hostage is just one of the many bizarre traditions which takes place each year at the State Opening of Parliament.

Another tradition which takes place each year without fail is searching the Palace of Westminster for gunpowder the evening before the Sovereign is due to visit Parliament.

This dates back to when a group of men tried to assassinate King James I by blowing up the House of Lords during the State Opening.

Also, in a show of Commons supremacy over the Monarch, The Queen is forbidden to enter the House of Commons. As such, she sends Black Rod to the chamber who summons MPs to the bar of the House of Lords where they will hear her speech.

However, before Black Rod enters the chamber, the Commons door is slammed into his face to demonstrate the power of MPs.

Despite all of the pomp and traditions, this year’s State Opening is a heavily dressed down affair. Due to last minute changes to the schedule, it is not possible to arrange carriages and the army to ceremonially mark the arrival of the Monarch. Instead she will just arrive by car.

Also, The Queen will not be wearing her robes or Crown this year. But with temperatures expected to reach 34°C, this might come as a welcome relief to the 91-year-old Queen.

  • Kenneth Hammer

    While the Queen can’t enter the Commons, what about if her great-grandson, Prince George, has a school trip to the Houses of Parliament? As the future King, does he have to stay out of the Commons when his classmates enter it? What about other senior members of the Royal Family, like Prince Harry, or even Princess Charlotte?

    • Christopher-trier

      The House of Commons is for commoners, not members of the royal family. It simply wouldn’t be done.

      • BooBooBaby

        Like Kate Middleton’s family!? They are still considered Commoners!? Right!?

        Forgive me for asking….I don’t really know much of the details.

        • Christopher-trier

          Yes, that is correct, they are commoners. The Middleton family could enter the Commons without any problems. Technically speaking, there is no law “against” a junior member of the royal family entering the Commons — but as with so many parts of the unwritten British Constitution, it isn’t done because it isn’t done. It would raise potentially difficult legal and constitutional issues that are best left alone.

        • Jennifer Wright

          Absolutely., as they are not of Royal birth.

    • Lesleyc

      Prince George is actually a commoner – There are three legal statuses that can be held in the UK – Sovereign, peer and commoner. If you’re a Prince or Princess of the United Kingdom and you don’t hold a title classed as a peerage, and you’re not the Sovereign, you’re a commoner. The Queen’s sons are all peers but Princess Anne is a commoner. Prince William is a peer but his brother and the rest of the Queen’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren are all commoners.

      When Prince Philip was made the DoEdinburgh the day before he married the then Princess Elizabeth he became a peer but his bride remained a commoner.

  • BooBooBaby


  • Silvo

    Everybody was wearing robes but not Her Majesty, this sound hypocrit and outrageous to The Queen and the Insitution She so well rapresents.
    Et me say it’s been such a silly, stupid, populistic decision by .M.’s Government after the much naïf decision to call for anticipated elections so putting the Realm in a uncomfortable and risky period.
    Mrs. May unfortunately reavealed to be a delusion.
    Monarchy is the only left firm and constant value if your Nation.
    Modersisation and cheap populism will eventually put dirty muslims on full power as they are planning, hear hear ! Wake up Britannia

    • The Doctor

      Dirty Muslims?????
      That sounds as racist as one of Trumps speeches. Please refrain from such filth when talking about our proud British heritage.

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