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The Queen is still working & receiving government red boxes despite illness

The Queen is continuing to carry out her duties indoors at Sandringham, despite suffering from illness.

According to a source, the Queen is “up and about” and is receiving her daily red boxes with ministerial correspondence enclosed.

Contained within the red boxes are policy papers, cabinet documents, telegrams and other important documents that have been sent to her by the government.

This highlights how hard Her Majesty works every day for a 90-year-old. Despite it being a bank holiday, The Queen is still working on ministerial paperwork.

It is understood that she is feeling better after suffering from a heavy cold over the past few weeks, but is not yet ready to battle the elements outside in order to attend church.

The Queen was unable to attend Divine Service at Sandringham this morning due to the ongoing recovery from her cold.

The Queen was scheduled to make her first public appearance for over two weeks this morning for a traditional church service on her Norfolk estate.

The 90-year-old monarch traditionally attends the Sunday morning Church services at Sandringham. This is the second week in a row Her Majesty has been unable to attend.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: “Her Majesty The Queen will not attend Sunday worship at Sandringham today.

“The Queen does not yet feel ready to attend Church as she is still recuperating from a heavy cold.”

This follows the monarch having to miss the annual Christmas Day church service at Sandringham this year due to her recovering from a heavy cold.

Her Majesty has been known to have been suffering from a cold since at least a week before Christmas Day, when she cancelled her travel arrangments to Sandringham.

Prince Philip also fell ill to a heavy cold, and was initially worse off than The Queen.

However, as Christmas Day came nearer, The Duke got better but Her Majesty was still recovering from her sickness.

As a result, she wasn’t able to attend the Christmas morning Church service at St Mary Magdalene Church for the first time since 1988. Before 1988, Her Majesty attended a church service at Windsor meaning this was the first time The Queen was absent from communion in recent living memory.

  • luigi pasquali

    Receiving a red box is hard work?

    • Stefan

      Working on ministerial paperwork.

    • Philip Andrews

      Ministers half her age find getting through these boxes of govt info tedious, monotonous but necessary. She sees it as Duty and carries on regardless of her condition, as far as she can. She has a greater sense of Duty than all Ministers past and present put together. may she live to be 100 and still active…

    • robert

      Yes, she reads every dispatch and memorandum sent by ambassadors and cabinet ministers. Also included are Acts of Parliament which require her assent to become law. The Queen is most definitely NOT a “figurehead”. The Sovereign is a vital part of the constitution of the nation.

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