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Iran’s exiled Crown Prince talks of a “historic movement”

“The Iranian people are in the throes of a historic movement,” Crown Prince Reza of Iran said in a Tweet on Saturday 4.

He talked of reclaiming the country from their ‘oppressive and corrupt’ anti-Iranian occupying regime.

This comes following a four-day rally of thousands protesting in Iran. Iranian people are taking a stand against soaring unemployment and a dramatic drop in the currency. The Iranian Rial has lost nearly two-thirds of its value in the last six months alone with many fearing it will reduce further following renewed American sanctions on Monday 6.

The Crown Price also tweeted: “In January, you started the latest chapter in the Iranian Freedom Movement. You are the motivator of our national and historical self-awareness movement to recapture the homeland from the cult. Your uproar is reminiscent of the libertarian movements of the Black Guards and the Leaders against the occupiers of Iran.”

Many praised him in the comments. One said: “nations that are chasing for stability and peace, they must know Crown Prince ⁦#RezaPahlavi⁩ is the only solution chosen by the vast majority of ⁦#Iranians⁩.”

Many also criticised mainstream media for not creating more awareness of their suffering. A Twitter user said: “MSM’s must be ashamed for shameless silence over #IranProtests”, whilst another asked: “why are those mainstream media stay quiet? Is it because this is not the first one and no sign of solutions?”

Prince Reza is not averse to speaking out. On his website, he has said that the state of Iran should become democratic, and human rights should be better respected. The prince has used his high profile to campaign for human rights and unity among Iranians in and outside Iran. He also calls for a separation between church and state within the country and fairer elections.

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