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Evidence uncovered reveals King Edward VIII ‘cheated’ war rations

No event in the history of the Royal Family has rocked the United Kingdom quite like that of King Edward VIII and his abdication of the throne to his brother.

As is known commonly, this act would eventually thrust Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth into the highest role at an early age more quickly than ever anticipated. King Edward VIII’s controversial removal of himself from the highest seat in the land was of course due to his love affair with Wallis Simpson. Choosing love over duty, King Edward VIII vacated the throne for another life.

Having only been married a brief couple of years after King Edward VIII’s tremendously short reign, the couple was known to dismiss the better judgment of their homeland by visiting countries such as Germany at the dawn of the war. Their friendliness towards Germany’s Adolf Hitler during their visit also did not go unnoticed. Recently released documents have also indicated the misuse and abuse of rations by King Edward VIII and his bride during the tenure of the second world war.

King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson are alleged to have used far more rationing vouchers than what they were rightly delegated to use during the war. Evidence has been revealed that indicated they may have spent these on items such as extravagant lingerie, jewellery and suits, a blatant ignorance of Britain’s textile industry pressures to produce uniforms for the military in 1941 when the clothing ration was introduced. While then HRH Princess Elizabeth was forced to purchase her very own wedding dress on rationing coupons, the former king and his love appeared to have no regard for their homeland and its people while they seemed to consort with the enemy and dabble in luxury.

The typical amount of adult rationing points was significantly lowered in 1946. Allegedly, the former king never reduced his amount of spending, often desiring more than he should have and spoiling even his servants around him. After a civil complaint, the Board of Trade concluded that he would no longer be awarded rationing coupons for clothing as long as he spent only foreign currency with regards to no longer keeping his purchased items on English soil.

  • Craig Salt

    Get real and learn your history… anybody who could cheated with war rations, hoarded, and dabbled in the black markets. Those of the upper classes had no concept of doing without and unless the reporter (a term I use loosely) was there, it’s all hearsay now. Shortly after abdication and his marriage to Wallis they were in France and the Bahamas, rarely touching “English soil”

    • Jane Summarsell

      You get real and learn from your history books too. They had to get rid of him so sent him to be Governor to the Bahamas to stop him cohorting with the enemy as he was very friendly meeting with Hitler often. It was utterly wicked and shameful what he was doing in Europe against his home country. It is said he planned, with Hitler, that should Germany win the war he would be put in as puppet king whilst Hitler ruled. They had to get him out the way as it was treasonous. That’s why it was the only thing he was ever sent to do on behalf of Britain after his abdication. He was never sent to do anything else or go anywhere else after the war which makes it seem all the more plausible doesn’t it? He was then stopped from going onto British soil again. I believe he never went back until his burial at Frogmore when the Duchess of Windsor went back to England for the first time since her marriage to him as he, and she, were virtually banned from ever returning. She never went again until her body too was buried in England next to him.

  • robert

    Perfectly horrid little man. His treasonous, immoral antics scandalized the great King George V and Queen Mary, and hastened the death of his saintly brother, the beloved George VI. The less said about that vile trollop he married, the better.

    • Jane Summarsell

      They were both vile, he was weak, she was controlling and only wanted to be Queen. It has been said, however I don’t know how true it is, that she wanted to call it off when he abdicated to marry her but couldn’t because it was all out in the public arena by then. I don’t know how she thought the British public, and of course the family themselves, would ever accept her as being Queen of Britain. Twice divorced, American and there was something about her that wasn’t right. I’ve heard all sorts but wouldn’t dream of repeating those.

    • Jane Summarsell

      And yes he was truly treasonous. If he hadn’t been the Duke of Windsor he would have been arrested and hung for it. He cohorted with Hitler far too much. As you say a perfectly horrid little man. I’m glad he didn’t stay king however I feel so sad it caused his brother’s early death and was so hard for him as public speaking and such were a nightmare for him with his stutter. He died far too young and he was just a wonderful man and King. I can understand why the Royal Family would have nothing to do with either of them after the war, I wouldn’t have done either. The further away the better. They ended up old and lonely in Paris and quite honestly it served them right after what they did.

  • Cheryl Webb Clair

    The article neglects to mention that women all across the UK sent Princess Elizabeth their clothing rations so she would have enough for her dress. SMH

  • Bramble

    I assume then that princess Elizabeth must have got loads more coupons than the average Britt to be able to afford that dress? I don’t see pictures of other war brides dripping in pearls and lace !

    • Lisa Gill

      She was sent coupons by citizens as gifts for her dress. The jewels were of no consequence since they were family heirlooms and not purchased.

      • Jane Summarsell

        Exactly what I’ve said, the jewels would have already been in their possession. So could a lot of the lace. That is often kept as heirlooms. Some people don’t seem to have even half a brain in this world, do they think the Royals go out and purchase everything every time they wear anything? It’s all been handed down for centuries in some cases. And yes people did help by sending their rations coupons to help her. After all she was heir to the throne and I think given the circumstances she did proud by the country and herself to have looked so good when rationing was in. And the country appreciated it.

    • Jane Summarsell

      A lot of that would have already been in the Royals possessions when war broke out. Why not use it if they had it for heavens sake? She was heir to the throne.

    • robert

      There was quite a bit of discussion about having such a splendid wedding when the nation was in such straits. The decision was that the British people needed a bit of glamour at that point. I think Elizabeth and Philip would have been content with a simple wedding, but it was really done for the people, to show that Britain was still great.

  • Howard T

    I am no supporter of Edward VIII but you seem to overlook the fact that for most of the war he was Governor General of Bermuda or some other Caribbean island and hardly affected by rationing. (he was made to go there by the British Government to be out of reach of Hitler).Post war he was a rich man who could afford to indulge their expensive life style at their home in Paris or for their many jaunts around the world, but they never resided in the UK after his abdication and moving to France.

  • Shelby Morrison

    What else would you expect from this weak, arrogant man?

  • HotMess88

    Appalling individual, devoid of morals and ethics, much like the current generation of royals

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