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Charity Spotlight: Queen Mathilde Fund

Throughout the month of December, we will be highlighting various foundations and charities of the royals in the spirit of the giving and festive season. Happy Holidays!

The Queen Mathilde Fund was introduced in 2013 and is underneath the honorary presidency of Her Majesty, Mathilde, Queen of the Belgians.

The Fund focuses on vulnerable children and young people in Belgium and is having a growing impact. It will be strengthened further by the additional resources which will now be at its disposal. In the future, it will be possible to continue to reflect on society while also supporting concrete initiatives to address social issues that are of concern to Her Majesty Queen Mathilde.

The Queen Mathilde Fund is a more developed version of the ‘Princess Mathilde Fund’, which was originally established in 2001 using donations received by Queen Mathilde on the occasion of her wedding to the then Duke of Brabant, His Majesty, Philippe, King of the Belgians. Upon the inauguration of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde as King and Queen of the Belgians, respectively on 21 July 2013, the Princess Mathilde Fund has since become the Queen Mathilde Fund and has become better equipped to deal with the problems which plague vulnerable young people in modern Belgian Society.

From now on the Fund will support and encourage a number of exceptional and promising initiatives intended to strengthen the position of vulnerable young people in the future. One of these initiatives will also receive the annual Queen Mathilde Prize in recognition of their work and achievements. The laureates from the Fund will be selected by a jury of experts after a call for projects and evaluation of their applications. A Young People’s Jury will award the Queen Mathilde Prize to one of the selected laureates.

An example of the type of initiatives chosen for the prize can be seen in the winner of the 2015 Queen Mathilde Prize, De Kruiskenshoeve vzw in Sint-Laureins. Awarded the prize from the 16 selected projects of 2015, this project allows young people from special youth care institutions to have a period of time out on a farm where they can discover their talents by working in the vegetable garden and accepting responsibilities.

You can find out more information about the great work of Queen Mathilde and her fund here.

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