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‘It’s not particularly nice being shot at’ – Prince Andrew reveals experiences of Falklands War

<![CDATA[The Duke of York has this week revealed in an interview how he feared he would not come home from the Falklands after being shot at whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

The 54-year-old Duke told the US television channel CNBC that he had been “foolish” to think he was once “invincible”.
Prince Andrew served in the Royal Navy for 22 years and in that time whilst serving in the Falklands, he said he had a “couple” of moments of doubt, while on dangerous mission to identify a ship at night.
The Queen’s son believes that he had been “very lucky” to survive the conflict adding “it’s not particularly nice to be shot at and I can attest to that.”
As well as his Navy career, the interview also touches on other aspects of his life including his business and charity work. His Highness also talked about his ongoing friendship with his former wife, the Duchess of York.
After their breakup, Prince Andrew says it would have been “illogical” to cut ties and not remain close. The couple maintain their close relationship, which the Duke said meant “the whole heap” to their daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.
The Duke of York joined the Royal Navy as a helicopter pilot in 1979. A couple of years later, he sailed to the South Atlantic on HMS INVINCIBLE to take part in the Falklands War. In the years since, the Duke has shot up the ranks becoming Lieutenant Commander in 1992, a Captain in 2005 and Rear Admiral in 2010; a position he still holds today.
Speaking of his active service in the Falklands, and how it changed him, he said: “If you’ve been through those sorts of experiences you understand the frailty of life.
“And it’s not particularly nice being shot at and I can attest to that. And you just look at life in a subtlety different way and you try and achieve more, and I suppose that was it.
I was very lucky to come back without having been shot down and it was just one of those occasions.”
The Duke still plays an important role within the Royal Navy today.

The Duke still plays an important role within the Royal Navy today.

When asked if there was a moment he thought he might not come home, he said: ‘Yeah probably a couple of times. But that’s normal.
In regards to charity work to help other young people learn business skills, he added it was essential to empower the next generation.
“I believe that the next generation are as capable, more capable, have greater opportunities than our generation ever had,” he said. “So it’s about making those possibilities and opportunities more relevant and more alive to young people today.”
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