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The Queen responds to 7-year-old's recital invitation

<![CDATA[A seven-year-old musician sent The Queen an invitation to a music recital and has received a response.
Musical prodigy Leia Zhu, from Whickham in Newcastle, sent an invite to Her Majesty to attend her 45-minute recital to watch her play nine different pieces on her violin. Along with the letter, The Queen received a CD and newspaper clippings about the young musician.

Leia said in her invite:
“I asked my mum how to invite you to my recital or whether I can go to the Palace to play for you. My mum said that she couldn’t answer the question for you so I would have to find out myself. If you can come to the recital, that would make me really happy!!!
” […] I do hope you are well and your doggies are being good.”
She decided to invite The Queen because she is beginning her performance with Tempo di Minuetto by Kreisler, a piece of music that she envisions The Queen arriving to.
Leia has been playing her instrument since the age of three, and is to perform at Hexham Abbey Festival on 23rd of September; her European tour debut as a soloist was made with the Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra from Los Angeles, USA.
A response came from a Lady-In-Waiting, Jennifer Gordon-Lennox, just a few days later on behalf of Her Majesty. It politely declined the offer, saying it was ‘most kind’ to invite Her Majesty and the offer was ‘much appreciated’. It then wished Leia a ‘happy and successful day’. The Queen is currently in Balmoral, taking her annual summer holiday in the Highlands.
The musician’s mother, Yanhong Bi, 39, said: “It took her about two hours to get everything down” and that Leia completed the letter in her ‘royal handwriting.’ 
I’m very proud of her. I said it was a lovely idea. I really didn’t expect her to get a response so soon.”
After Leia got a response, “she was holding it and jumping up and down she was so excited” explains Yanhong.
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