The Monarchical Milestones marked by Europe’s other rulers in Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee year

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The UK government has announced plans for a four day celebration to mark the Platinum Jubilee of The Queen in 2022. Although the 70th anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth II takes place on February 6th that year, the party won’t get started until June when ministers have promised an extra bank holiday to create a long weekend at the very start of that month. Royalty from across the continent could well take part in the celebrations. Here, we look at how long each European sovereign will have ruled when the world turns its attention to another milestone for the history making Monarch, Elizabeth II.

Margrethe II of Denmark

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In June 2022, Queen Margrethe will have just marked a very special anniversary of her own. She became Danish monarch on January 14th 1972 and will celebrate her own Golden Jubilee just weeks before Elizabeth II marks 70 years as Queen.

Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

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Europe’s longest reigning male monarch is the King of Sweden who took his country’s throne on September 15th 1973. At the time of the Platinum Jubilee celebrate, Carl Gustaf will be approaching 49 years as king.

Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein

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Prince Hans-Adam has been ruler of Liechtenstein since 1989. He handed decisions over day to day matters to his eldest son, Alois, in 2004 but remains Head of State and will be approaching the 33rd anniversary of his accession when the Platinum Jubilee party gets started.

Harald V of Norway

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The closest relation in Europe’s ruling houses to Elizabeth II is Harald V of Norway and there’s little doubt he’ll be popping over to help celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. Harald became King of Norway in January 1991 meaning he will have ruled for 31 years by the time his close cousin makes her milestone.

Henri of Luxembourg

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The Grand Duke of Luxembourg has just marked a jubilee of his own. Henri celebrated 20 years as his country’s ruler in October 2020 and will have been in charge for almost 22 years when Elizabeth II celebrates 70 years on the throne.

Albert II of Monaco

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Monaco’s Sovereign Prince will have ruled for 17 years by the time of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Albert took power in Monaco in April 2005 on the death of his father, Rainier III.

Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

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The first man to rule the Netherlands in over a century will be approaching a landmark of his own at the time of the Platinum Jubilee. Willem-Alexander was proclaimed king in April 2013 and will have ruled for nine years by 2022 with his own tenth anniversary just around the corner.

Philippe of the Belgians

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King Philippe became his country’s monarch in July 2013 and will be on the brink of his ninth anniversary as ruler at the time of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the summer of 2022.

Felipe VI of Spain

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Europe’s newest monarch, currently, is Felipe VI of Spain who took his country’s throne on June 19th 2014. He will be getting ready to mark eight years as monarch when the celebrations for Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee take place.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is set to take place between June 3rd and June 7th 2022.

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