New book released to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

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Written for Royal Central by Brittani Barger

A new book has been released to mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Platinum Jubilee Celebration, 70 Years 1952–2022, published by Pitkin, was released earlier this month in the UK and will be released in April in the United States.

The book chronicles the 70-year reign of The Queen, from the triumphs to the challenges she has faced throughout her reign. It discusses her childhood and time during World War II and, of course, her accession to the throne and coronation.

Each decade of her reign is broken up, looking at her family life and role as monarch. It details what a working day as Her Majesty is like and the contributions she has made to the United Kingdom and beyond.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: Platinum Jubilee Celebration, 70 Years 1952–2022 contains plenty of images to cover her entire reign – from her childhood and time as heir to the throne to present-day engagements alongside the Prince of Wales, the Cambridges and the late Duke of Edinburgh.

It covers the past to the future, where Holey discusses what the future holds for Queen Elizabeth and the monarchy and pays tribute to The Queen’s years of dedication and service to her people.

Billed as a “true celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee,” the book is just under 100 pages, making it an easy and light read in honour of Her Majesty.

The book is written by royal biographer Brian Holey who has penned books about Prince Charles and the Princess Royal, the late Duke of Edinburgh and Diana, Princess of Wales. His repertoire consists of 36 books about royalty, and he is known to contribute to broadcasts and newspapers across the globe on royal matters.

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