1. Late night talks are taking place between Buckingham Palace and the Cabinet Office (65,094 hits)
  2. Home (12,887 hits)
  3. Monaco royal twins turn four (10,412 hits)
  4. Neo-Nazi group calls for Prince Harry’s assassination for marrying Meghan (8,483 hits)
  5. Four people are arrested following the theft of the Portland Tiara (5,709 hits)
  6. Swedish royals host dinner for Nobel winners (4,762 hits)
  7. Thousands of protesters call for the restoration of Serbia’s monarchy (4,741 hits)
  8. Duchess of Sussex wears jewellery with surprising connection to Prince Charles (4,133 hits)
  9. Princess Tessy to receive £4,000 a year in support from Prince Louis (3,795 hits)
  10. Christmas Trees go up at British royal residences (3,780 hits)
  11. Prince Charles and King and Queen of Jordan attend President George H.W. Bush’s state funeral (3,564 hits)
  12. French royalists involved in the “Yellow Vest” riots in Paris (3,470 hits)
  13. Princess Alexandra returns to work following an eleven-week absence after breaking her arm (3,429 hits)
  14. Danish Crown Prince Couple visit Latvia (2,898 hits)
  15. Dutch King and Queen host lunch for distinguished members of society (2,834 hits)
  16. Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Theresa May “to see The Queen urgently and resign” following confidence vote (2,788 hits)
  17. Prince Harry takes to the stage at Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical (2,681 hits)
  18. Queen Marie of Romania: first taste of new royal movie (2,338 hits)
  19. King Felipe’s warm words for King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía as Spain celebrates its constitution (2,278 hits)
  20. Duchess of Cambridge’s former London flat up for sale by Middletons (2,197 hits)
  21. Duchess of Sussex surprises crowd at British Fashion Awards (2,043 hits)
  22. The Crown, Season 3: love, romance – and Europe (2,013 hits)
  23. Princess Tessy releases statement on divorce case (1,883 hits)
  24. Princess Leonore of Sweden dances in The Nutcracker (1,857 hits)
  25. Prince Charles had a jam-packed day trip to Cardiff (1,624 hits)
  26. MPs force a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May (1,608 hits)
  27. Who is Crown Princess Masako of Japan? (1,572 hits)
  28. What are The Queen’s powers? (1,470 hits)
  29. Norwegian royals attend awarding of Nobel Peace Prize 2018 (1,349 hits)