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Royal-Central26Royal Central is the most popular independent source for news on the British Royal Family on the Internet, and this isn’t a distinction we take lightly. Every month, over 100,000 readers come to our website for the latest pictures, news and also historical content we have to offer.

Our team of editors and writers are always on duty to make sure we bring you, our readers, the very best of the British Royal Family – accurately, promptly and with our signature historical context to help you understand just how significant the news is.


Royal Central’s origins were not originally in royal news, in fact, we began life tweeting facts about the British Royal Family under the Twitter handle of @RoyalFactsUK on 8th June 2012. Shortly after that, on 25th July, we decided to take it all one step further and open a website dedicated to the British Royal Family and on 30th July, we launched Royal Central beta!

From there, we began developing Royal Central, initially providing regular blog posts on things to do with the Royal Family before moving on, in October to our new framework where we began posting royal news.

In November 2012, Royal Central underwent a major overhaul of its systems, including a new, much more reliable and faster dedicated system and a completely new theme.

On 11th February 2013, Royal Central announced our move to a new style of reporting. From 1st March, we have been focusing much more on news and have separated factual articles from news reports in two different, yet equally important sections.

In August 2013, we decided to change our site design to reflect our need for new and different spaces to display our content – the design launched on 1st September and remains with us today!

Today, Royal Central has an average of over 130,000 unique visitors a month and is constantly growing.

How We Run

Unlike most other sites which report on the Royal Family, we’re independent of any big corporations and so we are free to report in the style that we choose – which is one of the things which makes us unique.

Our editorial team consists of 4 editors, our Editor-in-Chief (responsible for overall editing), our Deputy Editor (in charge of managing the overall presentation of Royal Central’s content) and our News Editor and Blog Editor, responsible for managing news and blog content respectively. The editors work closely with the reporting and blogging teams in creating the fantastic and diverse content our readers enjoy.

Unique? Certainly!

Another ‘USP’ of Royal Central is that we are a Monarchist organisation. That is to say, we happen to think that Britain’s Constitutional Monarchy is highly beneficial to the country. Our post content reflects this and we believe in bringing our readers the very best of the British Monarchy and showcasing the good members of the Royal Family do with charities and representing the country.

Contacting Us

We also pride ourself on the contact we have with our readers. If you have a question about royalty, a suggestion for our site or any other point to do with Royalty or Royal Central you can email the editor in chief of Royal Central at editor@royalcentral.co.uk – all emails will be read and if necessary, replied to.


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