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The Wessexes

This is how Lady Louise Windsor discovered her grandmother is The Queen

The Earl and Countess of Wessex, Lady Louise, James, Viscount Severn
i-Images/ Pool

The Countess of Wessex recently revealed how her daughter, Lady Louise, discovered that her grandmother is one of the most important people in the world.

During an interview with Sky News a couple of years ago, the Countess revealed it was only after Lady Louise went to school that she realised she was related to the British monarch.

One particular example was when Lady Louise came home from school one day, excitedly telling her mother that her classmates said her grandmother and The Queen are the same person. Sophie confirmed the news and the young royal could still not wrap her head around the fact that her grandmother is the Queen.

Having a moment of realisation himself, the Earl of Wessex shared when he realised the role his mum played in society.

He said: “I can’t necessarily remember when that realisation was there because when you grow up intuit family, and in that environment, that’s just what your parents do.  

“It’s been much more interesting watching our children growing up and watching our children trying to work out what this is and how that works… I was probably not until 5 or 6, I think.”

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