Prince Charles and Camilla

The Duchess of Cornwall’s uphill battle to become Queen

Even mentioning the fact that the Duchess of Cornwall could one day be called ‘Queen Camilla‘ send shivers down some people’s spines. While I am in support of seeing Camilla stand up next to Prince Charles when he eventually becomes King, she has unfortunately hit a series of setbacks.

From the moment Charles and Camilla decided they would spend their life together, Charles’s PR team has been working overtime to bring the public to a level where they would accept Camilla. The first moment the two were photographed together as a couple was carefully planned. The public first learned that the two were back together, despite both being married to other people, in 1986. Finally, in 1999, it was decided that enough time had passed since the death of Diana, Princess of Wales that the two could be seen together and a carefully planned photo op where over 100 photographers were on hand to capture the two leaving Camilla’s sister’s birthday celebration was made. It was a short and sweet introduction to the world.
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It was another four years until it was deemed safe for Camilla to move into Clarence House and two more years after that until they could be engaged. The time waiting was never about cold-feet of the couple, but the cold-feet of the nation. To help ensure the wedding went smoothly, it was announced that Camilla would never hold the title of Queen, only Princess Consort, and it was only until recently, with the public opinion of Camilla on the rise, that it has been rumoured that she may receive the title of Queen Consort after all. Well, this was until the recent influx of documentaries on Diana’s life that have painted Camilla in a less than flattering light.

As most documentaries come across, the stories told are only from one side, Diana’s side, and while her stories hold weight, they paint Diana as the victim even if she has partly to blame. All the work, day in and day out, to create acceptance for Camilla has now been swept under the rug as we re-live Diana’s words. The PR team at Clarence House will once again have to rework their strategy.

Camilla, no matter what, will be by Prince Charles’s side when he takes the throne. Just because the public doesn’t hold a high opinion of Camilla (or Charles) does not mean Prince William will be King, there are Succession Laws to be upheld. The only real issue here is for the majority of the population to still see a need for a monarchy, and if the rating for Charles and Camilla is down, it could give Republican’s the upper hand.

I do not doubt that Prince Charles’s years learning from Queen Elizabeth will make him one of the best Sovereign’s we have seen and Camilla’s tireless dedication to her charity work without the need of constant praise will be the best for the U.K. But the battle to accept Camilla has just started all over again.