Prince Charles and Camilla

Secret letters between Prince Charles and Tony Blair green-lit for publication

Letter written to former Prime Minister Tony Blair from Prince Charles over banning fox hunting will be published.

The Freedom of Information watchdog has green lite the private letters, saying that they should be made public.

Two years ago the Ministry of State asked that “all correspondence and communications” between the Prince and Mr Blair which “in any way referred to hunting and or a ban on hunting and or the impact of hunting and the impact of a ban on the countryside” originally reported The Daily Mail. 


The letters were “clear and compelling public interest” said Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham. Adding on that the letters between the two “raises legitimate questions about the role of the heir to the throne in a parliamentary democracy and increasingly the role he may play when he succeeds to the throne”.

As Monarch, Prince Charles will be expected to remain politically neutral on matters. As of now, he has been actively outspoken on matters that the heir is passionate about. Most famously the black spider memos sent to many members of parliament.

Banning fox hunting has been a passion of Prince Charles for some time. In 2002, Prince Charles said “If the Labour government ever gets around to banning fox hunting, I might as well leave this country and spend the rest of my life skiing,” to the guests of a private event.

The Hunting Act 2004 banned fox hunting with dogs in England and Wales.

Ten years later, Prince Charles then urged the current Prime Minister David Cameron to not reintroduce the sport.

While campaigning, Theresa May also expressed interest to open a free vote on bringing back fox hunting, but the vote was scrapped after the public backlash.

The Independent reached out to Clarence House who declined to comment on the matter.

A spokesperson for the Cabinet Office said that the Government was “considering the decision of the Information Commissioner’s Office and will respond in due course”.