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The Cambridges

“William and Kate” the saltwater crocodiles also welcome their own babies

Two saltwater crocodiles suitable named ‘William and Kate’ are the proud parents of their own hatchlings.

The Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia is home of the happy new family.

Unlike the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, ‘William’ is in his 40’s and ‘Kate’ is in her 50’s. The pair first started to breed together in 1991.

Leading up the 2011 Royal Wedding, the centre remaind the saltwater crocodiles after the world’s most popular couple.

‘Kate’ started to prep her nest back in September 2017, the same time is was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their third child.

Although officials are unsure when she laid her eggs, the average incubation period for a saltwater crocodile is 80 days meaning the hatchlings were born a few weeks back now.

On 23 April, the Duchess of Cambridge safely delivered a baby boy. The prince was born at 11.01 am, weighing 8 lbs 7 oz.

The Duchess of Cambridge travelled by car with Prince William when she went into labour around 6 am that very morning.

Later in the afternoon, Prince William jetted back to Kensington Palace to pick up his first born children. 

Prince George, who was still in his school uniform, and Princess Charlotte came to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital to meet their new baby brother before leaving through the back door to go home.

Shortly later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walked out on the steps of the Lindo Wing with the Duchess tightly holding her sleeping newborn wrapped in a GH Hurt and Son shawl keeping him warm against the chilly winds.

The Duke and Duchess looked proud, just the same as any other new parents. Prince William looking particulary in love with his wife and new family of five.

You likely will never get the chance to hold the new prince but should you be down under, you can head to Crocosaurus Cove where you are given the opportunity to hold the new hatchlings.