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The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of York remember the victims of 7/7

The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of York have both joined ceremonies of remembrance today for those who died in the 7th July attacks in London exactly ten years ago. They paid their own tributes at the commemorations to the 52 people who were killed in the bombings in 2005.

The Duke of York attended a national service of remembrance at St Paul’s Cathedral. The ceremony, at which the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson were also present, saw four candles bearing the names of the four London locations where terrorists detonated bombs on 7 July 2005 being carried into the cathedral by some of those who had helped in the aftermath of the attacks.

Relatives of those who died on 7/7 were present in the Cathedral as were some of the survivors and more of those who had helped treat and comfort those affected by the bombs. The names of all the victims were read out, one by one. The prayers and music of the service halted at 11.30am when those present joined millions across the UK in a national minute’s silence to remember those who died on 7 July 2005. As the minute ended in St Paul’s, petals floated from its great dome onto those below.

Later, The Duke of Cambridge lay a bright burst of yellow flowers at the permanent memorial in Hyde Park built to honour their memory. The Duke’s tribute was part of a commemoration service there. Prince William bowed his head in a moment of quiet reflection at the event which was attended by around 400 people including relatives still mourning loved ones lost a decade ago and others who survived the attacks.

The names of those killed on that July day were read out during the service which also included moving testimonies from relatives of some of the victims and from others caught up in the four bombs. There was also music including a rendition of ‘Something Inside So Strong’on a sunny afternoon when London came together to remember.


Photo credir: UK in Japan-FCO via Flickr