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Royal Central Editors: Our guesses for the name of the new royal baby

As Kensington Palace has revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her and the Duke of Cambridge’s third child, Royal Central’s editors have given their prediction for the name of the new prince or princess who is due sometime next year.

Editor-in-Chief, Charlie Proctor:

Some people have no middle names, and other people have countless middle names. With members of The Royal Family, they tend to have two middle names meaning guessing correctly is no easy task!

For a boy, my guess of name is Prince Arthur Philip Francis. I have to admit that Arthur is the most likely name for me (not just because it is the Bookmakers’ favourite). Prince Charles’s middle name is Arthur, meaning when he takes the throne he could change his regnal name to King Arthur of course! Arthur is a name with a long royal history, and we haven’t had a Prince Arthur for a long, long time! As for his two middle names, I think Philip will likely be featured in an obvious tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh who recently retired from public duties at the age of 96. Although I doubt it will be the baby’s first name, I would have thought Francis would be extremely likely to feature as one of the middle names. This is a name closely associated with the Middleton family and is Michael Middleton’s middle name, as well featuring in the Duchess of Cambridge’s grandfather’s name – Peter Francis Middleton.

As for a girl, back in 2015, I thought Princess Charlotte would be called Princess Alexandra, and I was dreadfully wrong! I’m not abandoning the name Alexandra so easily, but I don’t think it will be the baby’s Christian name. If the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a girl next year, my guess is that she will be called Princess Grace Mary Alexandra. I think Grace is an overlooked choice at the bookmakers – it is a traditional name, yet is modern at the same time (similar to Charlotte). Mary is a name full of royal history and would be a perfect middle name. As for Alexandra, I am determined it will form part of the name somehow!

Deputy Editor, Jamie Samhan: For a boy, I’m guessing Prince Philip. I would love to see the baby named after Prince Philip; it would be a lovely dedication after his years of service for Queen and country.

I’m selecting Princess Alice for a girl because it is a popular choice and was a nickname when I was younger, so I am partial to it.

As for middle names, I have no clue. I had a hard enough time naming my own kids never mind someone else’s!

Assistant Editor, Moniek Bloks:

For a girl, I am guessing Princess Sophia Philippa Mary. Both George and Charlotte were big names during the reigns of the Georgian kings and Sophia was also the name of a daughter of King George III. Philippa is a nod towards The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, while Mary is indeed a royal name through and through.

For a boy, my guess would be Prince James Philip Henry. James is both a royal name and the name of The Duchess of Cambridge’s brother. Philip is, of course, a nod to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, while Henry is another royal name and also the name of The Duke of Cambridge’s brother.

Europe Editor, Brittani Barger: My name guesses are Prince Frederick Henry Philip and Princess Alexandra Frances Alice/Mary. I definitely see them honouring Prince Philip if it is a boy since he has recently retired from royal duties. Philip is also one of Prince Charles’s middle names. Henry would, of course, honour the baby’s uncle, Prince Harry.

For a girl, Alexandra would honour Her Majesty The Queen and The Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra who is one of Prince William’s godmothers. Frances would honour her late grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales (whose middle name was Frances) and maternal grandfather, Michael Middleton (whose middle name is Francis). Mary would be a nod to Queen Mary and is also one of The Queen’s middle names. Alice would be in tribute to Prince Philip’s mother, Princess Alice. It is also a middle name of the Princess Royal.

What do you think the new royal baby will be called? Let us know by commenting below:

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