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Rob Lowe clarifies controversial comments about Prince William

Actor Rob Lowe has clarified his mocking controversial comments on Prince William’s hairline.

Previously, he said that watching Prince William lose his hair was “traumatic” and suggested that someone should have delayed the hair loss.

While speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Rob Lowe said: “I mean the future king of your country let himself lose his own hair!”

He added “Honestly one of the great traumatic experience of my life was watching Prince William lose his hair…But he’s going to be the f***ing King of England!”

He spoke about his own experience with hair loss saying: “The first glimmer that a single hair of mine was going to fall out, I was having that stuff mainlined into my Veins. And that’s what I did for the next 30 years.”

At the time, the comments were taken negatively by social media users and commenters, with many calling him out for the disrespectful nature of his statement.

Rob Lowe was on Good Morning Britain when he was asked about his comments. He clarified by claiming that they were instead a highlight of his own insecurity and that they reflected “more about me than him.”

He said: “My point was here’s a guy who is fully comfortable in his own skin, then on the other side of the coin you have me, I can’t even watch another guy go bald without being even more narcissistic and wanting to plug in the Propecia into a drip int my own.”

He described the apparent insult as a case of “two countries divided by a common language.”, claiming that the comments were “literally me slagging my own insecurity and narcissism.”, and thus not a reflection of his thoughts on William’s acceptance of his own hair loss.

Describing the Duke of Cambridge in the recent interview, he said: “He’s a stud, I love him. He’s awesome.”