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Princes William and Harry ‘could have represented England’ at polo

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry were so good at playing polo, they could have represented Britain internationally, according to Cirencester Park Polo Club’s executive manager, Tim Keyte.

Describing the brothers, Mr Keyte said: “They’re both very good. Given the amount of time they spent on a horse or playing polo, it’s amazing that they are as good as they are”.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Keyte revealed that William and Harry still regularly visit Cirencester Park Polo Club and take great pleasure in chukka and stick & ball.

“Harry has got his own style. He’s more of a fighter, someone who gets in there and gets his hands dirty. William is more calculated, a lot like his father.”

The Royal Family are extremely gifted at sports, with several of them having already played for Great Britain on an international level. Princess Anne and her daughter Zara have both competed at the Olympics in eventing, with Zara earning a silver medal with the British team; both are winners of the annual Sports Personality of the Year award.

Both William and Harry take after their father and grandfather when it comes to polo. Prince Charles and Prince Philip were keen players and often competed in tournaments.

Photo credit: xymox via photopin cc