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The Cambridges

Prince William sparks controversy as he admits he didn’t read all his briefing notes for the Canadian Royal Tour

The Duke of Cambridge admitted on Sunday that he had not read all of his briefing notes which were given to him ahead of his tour of Canada.

The briefing notes contain important information about the family’s visit to the North American country, including the itinerary and other arrangements.

Some critics have said that the fact William hasn’t read the briefing notes is both ’embarrassing, unprofessional and insulting’ to the Canadian people.

According to Daily Express correspondent Richard Palmer, The second-in-line to the throne joked about the incident during a visit to the Sheway Pregnancy Outreach Programme.

Royal Historian, author, and the publisher of Royal Musings, Marlene Eilers Koenig, says people are right to be critical.

She says: “Richard Palmer was right to report that the Duke of Cambridge admitted to not being fully prepared for today’s engagement. He admitted that he had not read all of the briefing notes, which may not have been the best thing to say during an official visit.

“A royal tour is not about fashion, but about working royals taking on a myriad of engagements. As with any job, it is important to make sure you have done your homework before the day’s work begins.”

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are currently undertaking a week long tour of British Columbia, where they are attending a variety of public and private engagements.

They arrived in the country on Saturday evening following an 11 hour flight.

The Duke, Duchess, and their children were welcomed on the tarmac by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie alongside other dignitaries.

Both Prince George and Princess Charlotte offered smiles and waves to the media before being taken to Government House before their parents travelled to the British Columbia Legislature Building for a welcome ceremony.

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