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Kensington Palace joins Twitter

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have today made their presence known on Twitter after Kensington Palace created an official account.

@KensingtonRoyal‘ has been set up to tweet news about the royal trio, much like @BritishMonarchy for tweeting information about The Queen, and @ClarenceHouse which tweets about The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.

Within just twelve hours of its existence, Kensington Palace has over 55,000 followers. It is unlikely that William, Kate or Harry will personally tweet from the account and it will be managed by their staff.

The official British Monarchy Twitter account was created on 28th April 2009 as an account to tweet royal engagements and news. At the time, The Queen was aware that the account was up and running, and a spokesperson said “no members of the Royal Family would be tweeting. Among the first tweets sent from the account was a picture of The Queen meeting Poet Laureate Professor Carol Ann Duffy at Buckingham Palace, as well as updates on the changing of the Guard, which still happens today. Soon after the account was created, over 400 people followed it.

Today, over 900,000 follow the British Monarchy with over 400,000 following Clarence House.

Prince Harry sent a tweet last year from the Invictus Games account, where he promoted the games.

Her Majesty also had the experience of tweeting last year as she opened a new exhibition at the Science Museum. Within minutes of the tweet being sent on an iPad, it generated over 4000 retweets, and within an hour, the account had another 9000 followers.

The most prominent tweeter in the family is The Duke of York who has his own account with 63,000 followers.

Many momentous occasions have been announced on the Royal Family’s Twitter feeds in recent time. The most noticeable example is when Clarence House “Tweeted’ William and Kate’s engagement in 2010.

Featured Image Credit: Chloe Howard 2014