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The Cambridges

Duchess Of Cambridge’s Royal Visit To Grimsby

Today, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is to visit the town of Grimsby for a series of engagements. Her Royal Highness will be making her first official visit to the town as a member of the Royal Family and for Grimsby.

The last time a member of the Royal Family visited Grimsby according to ‘This is Grimsby’ was when Princess Anne visited in 2008.

Grimsby has quite a distinguished history in terms of longevity. It features in the Domesday book of 1086, making the community over 900 years old. At the time, it was recorded with a population of just 200. Nowadays it has a population of about 90,000.

The Duchess is expected to visit three different places in Grimsby

  • The Duchess of Cambridge will arrive at the Fishing Heritage Centre at 11.35am and leave at 12.15pm
  • Her Royal Highness arrive at Peaks Lane Fire Station at 12.20pm and leave 1.10pm
  • Her Royal Highness will arrive at Havelock Academy at 1.15pm and leave at 2.20pm

Pupils at Macaulay Primary Academy are preparing to wave their flags for the arrival of The Duchess of Cambridge.

Year Five pupils have created 50 flags for the future Queen to welcome her with the colours of red, white and blue at The Fishing Heritage Centre.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons

Royal Protocol

For those of you in Grimsby who are looking forward to meeting the Duchess, should you get the opportunity, here is a short guide on Royal protocol so you know how to correctly greet the Duchess.

  • Refer to the Duchess of Cambridge at first as ‘Your Royal Highness’, e.g. “good morning Your Royal Highness”, then refer to her as “Ma’am”, e.g. “I hope you’re enjoying your visit, Ma’am”.
  • Really, all British subjects should bow or curtsey to members of the Royal Family, though the Duchess really won’t mind if you don’t, though it’s still nice to keep these traditions and extend that courtesy to her.
  • A bow for gentlemen is from the neck to be done upon greeting the Duchess, and curtsey for women is one foot slightly behind the other and a slight drop upon greeting the Duchess.
  • If you’re really stuck, just stick to calling her ‘Ma’am’ throughout your conversation and everything will be just fine.
  • DON’T refer to her as ‘Kate’, ‘Catherine’ or ‘Duchess’.

Where Will Her Royal Highness Be Going?

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