Prince Oscar of Sweden has playground named after him as a christening gift

When Sweden’s Prince Oscar was born this March, he was granted the title of the Duke of Skåne by his maternal grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf. Now, in time for his christening, the residents of his Duchy have planned a lovely gift for the third-in-line to the Swedish throne. The plan was put forward by Governor Margaret Palsson, who wrote to 33 municipalities in Skåne and the Skåne…
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‘Fat Mary’ - The last Princess of Cambridge

by Alexander Bassano, half-plate glass negative, circa 1888 It has been quite some time since the last Princess of Cambridge – 132 years to be exact. Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge was born in 1833. She had earned the nickname of Fat Mary and is recorded as a “jolly old maid” in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Luckily for her, that was not her only nickname.
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