European Royals

Liechtenstein celebrates 300th birthday

Liechtenstein’s royal family raised a glass with their people Thursday to mark the principality’s 300th birthday, holding a party in the gardens of Schloss Vaduz Castle. Average citizens enjoyed beers alongside the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein, Prince Hans-Adam II at the celebration. And whilst drinking with a monarch might sound unusual, this tiny nation with a population of…
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International royals

Hereditary Princess Sophie: “I appreciate the humour of the Liechtensteiners”

To mark the Principality of Liechtenstein’s 300th anniversary, Hereditary Princess Sophie has given an interview to Liechtenstein’s Vaterland to moving to Liechtenstein, her family, and her social work. About her first trip to Liechtenstein, Her Royal Highness said, “My first visit was during a summer weekend in the early 90s. My husband invited me together with several friends.
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The first princess of African origin: Princess Angela of Liechtenstein

In January 2000, Angela Gisela Brown became the first person of African heritage to marry into a ruling European family. The marriage was ground-breaking in Liechtenstein and the union did receive negative remarks from some of the royal family, although most were happy for the couple and did not express any prejudice towards their new princess. Angela was born in Panama into an ordinary family and…
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