Royal Weddings: The Wedding of Peter Phillips to Autumn Kelly

Peter Phillips, the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, married his Canadian bride Autumn Kelly on 17 May 2008 at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The couple met in Montreal at the 2003 Canadian Grand Prix, but Peter did not reveal his true identity at the time. Autumn has told interviewers that she only found out who Peter was when she caught a Before she met Peter…
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Who is Peter Phillips?

Peter Mark Andrew Phillips was born on 15 November 1977 at 10:46 am at St Mary’s Hospital in London as the only son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. He weighed 7lb 9oz and was the first legitimate royal baby to be born a commoner in 500 years. The reason being that his parents declined titles when they were married in 1973. Peter, Her Majesty and Prince Philip’s oldest…
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