European Royals

Prince Jean of France welcomed France and Italy's president to his home

French media could this week report that on Thursday, Prince Jean of France welcomed the presidents of both France and Italy to his home, Amboise Castle. Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron were warmly welcomed by the prince and his family. One of the three current pretenders to the French throne, Prince Jean was joined on the occasion by his wife, Princess Philomena, and two of their children, Prince…
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The end of the House of Bonaparte

In order to know how a story ends, it is indispensable to understand the essence of how it began. The years leading up to the French Revolution were tumultuous. Deep in a financial crisis, King Louis XVI and his advisors attempted to implement a taxation system, which was highly ostracised. This, coupled with the American Revolutionary War, the Seven Years’ War, and years of bad harvest, the…
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