Looking for a Queen of England in Peterborough

Looking for the grave of Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon in Peterborough, is an experience both moving and affecting and remains a special reason why many choose to visit the Cathedral today. Peterborough Cathedral hosts an annual festival devoted to Catherine’s memory, usually held at the end January, to commemorate the fact that Catherine of Aragon was buried at the Cathedral on…
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A Calendar of Queens: January

The royal past is peppered with milestones, those major moments that take on an importance all of their own, and Britain’s queens have provided plenty of history worth talking about. From the reigns that started to the rules that came to an end, from the happy arrivals…

The end of the House of Tudor

On 24 March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I breathed her last and – left with no legitimate heir – the House of Tudor came to an end after more than 100 years on the English throne. Beginnings The House of Tudor was founded in 1485 when Henry Tudor defeated King Richard III in…

Monarchy Rules: A look at King Henry VIII

One of Britain’s most colourful King’s and is easily most well known- but not for his heart-warming personality. Henry VIII most extraordinary claim to fame would be six wives and their unfortunate fates. Henry accomplished a lot more in his time as King, like his changes to the English Constitution and separation from the Church of England. Born the 28 June 1491, King Henry ascended…
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Monarchy Monday: The Wives of King Henry VIII

Today you may not have to worry about the hazards of being married to a King, but it wasn’t always that way. King Henry VIII’s wives suffered fates that would far outweigh the perks of being Queen! Here is a guide of each of six wives and their unfortunate…

The Execution of a Queen

Anne Boleyn is probably best remembered as the most controversial Queen in British history, which is perhaps not entirely deserved. Even though much is said about her, there are a lot things we don’t know, such as her birthday. Unfortunately for women of that time…