Behind the Scenes with True Royalty: Royal Restoration Dumfries House

Prince Charles is known for many things but one of his lesser-known passions is restoration. He took on Dumfries House against all odds, putting up his own money to save the building many thought was a lost cause. Go behind the scenes in the Pick of the Week from True Royalty and learn more about Dumfries House. Join the video streaming service, True Royalty, with a special discount code only for…
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Behind the Scenes with True Royalty: The People's Wedding

Most of us were not around for the wedding of a then Princess Elizabeth to Prince Philip. It was just after the war, the country still recovering from the devastation. The wedding was a turning point for joy and pride back to not only the Royal Family but more importantly…

Behind the Scenes with True Royalty: The First Windsors

King George and Queen Mary were a royal couple like none other. They brought loyalty, affection and pride throughout the nation. During his Silver Jubilee celebrations, George commented ‘I really think they like me for myself.’ Check out what Editor-in-Cheif of…