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The British Line of Succession: the first 20 people

This summer, Royal Central is taking a look at the lines of succession across Europe and this latest installment looks at the first twenty with a claim on the British throne. Elizabeth II has achieved much in her long reign and from a dynastic point of view she has another success to celebrate. For the line to the throne under the Queen is as about as secure as it could be. In fact, so solid…
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Europe's most popular royal palaces

They have been home to generations of royals who have carved their names in the history books and in 2019, their power to fascinate continues. A new survey has taken a look at the most popular regal residences in Europe and those belonging to the British royals take four of…
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The Queen is a fan of "Pointless"

Famously, The Queen is remarkably tight-lipped about a number of her opinions on various political matters. In matters such as parliamentary elections, the EU independence referendum, the Scottish independence referendum, and Australian republicanism, Her Majesty is very practised at keeping her cards close to her chest. On the other hand, we do know rather a lot about her personal interests and…
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The Four Queens: Margaret of Provence, Queen of France

In the High Middle Ages, there were four sisters known by the famous moniker of “the Provençal Sisters” and they married four of the most influential men of Europe at the time. It is through these four marriages that the sisters: Margaret, Eleanor, Sanchia, and Beatrice…

The Widow of Windsor – A Queen in Mourning

Some people may argue that Queen Victoria is our greatest example of a dutiful monarch. There could, however, have been an entirely different outcome for Victoria’s legacy and the catalyst for this was the death of her beloved consort Prince Albert. When Queen Victoria…

The Queen is the perfect embodiment of a patriot and impartial monarch

Longevity, popularity and, above all, impartiality. Over more than 63 years, Elizabeth II has been an embodiment of a monarchy that always puts people first. Her frequent engagements with her subjects and unrelenting willingness to listen to them have distinguished her from some passive royals and other despotic ones across the world. Throughout their reign, her predecessors made sure they were…
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