European Royals

The Duke of Braganza defends Portuguese bullfighting

The Duke of Braganza and pretender to the Portuguese throne, Dom Duarte Pio, has said in an interview with Portuguese media that “all those who oppose bullfighting, oppose Portuguese traditions and culture” even though he “understands that for emotional and sentimental reasons” many people are ”shocked by some aspects of bullfighting”. This is reported by the…
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International royals

Prince Luiz Philippe of Brazil elected as Congress-representative

On Sunday evening it became clear that His Royal Highness Prince Luiz Philippe of Brazil was officially elected as new congress-representative from the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The Brazilian royal received more than 120.000 votes and therefore become one of the 70 congress representatives who was elevated in this region. Prince Luiz Philippe will represent his home state in the 56th…
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