The Wessexes

The Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor attend Hockey World Cup Final in London

The Countess of Wessex and her daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, attended the final of the Hockey Women’s World Cup in London on Sunday afternoon. Their Royal Highnesses saw Ireland take a battering against defending champions The Netherlands who won match 6-0. Ireland started the tournament as the lowest ranked team, so to make the World Cup final is no small achievement. But in the end, they…
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Earl and Countess of Wessex to move out of Buckingham Palace

The Duke of York, Princess Anne and the Earl and Countess of Wessex will be moving out of Buckingham Palace shortly. The East Wing, which houses the apartments of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and his wife, will be undergoing renovations under the Buckingham Place repairs. The three, as well as Princess Anne, also have private offices in the wing that is most visible to the public when watching…
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The Windsor Wedding Tiara Picks

With just hours to go until we discover which, if any, tiara Meghan Markle has chosen to wear for her Royal Wedding, it’s time to get a bit sparkly. There are plenty of diamonds in the vaults for the newest member of the Royal Family to choose from which means endless speculation for the rest of us (you can have a look again at some of the most hotly tipped pieces here). While we wait to find…
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Who was in the Royal Box for The Queen's birthday concert?

Thousands of people attended The Queen’s birthday concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, with millions more tuning in from around the world. But the best seats in the house were reserved for members of one particular family. Here we take a look at who was sat in the royal box for The Queen’s birthday party. The Queen There cannot be a birthday party without the person who is…
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