The Netherlands

Dutch Royal Family poses for summer photos

King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their three daughters, Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane posed for the press today. In agreement with the media, the family poses twice a year for photos, and in return, they are left alone in private for the rest of the year. This year’s summer shoot took place in Warmond today. The royal family arrived by a…
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Infanta Cristina to request money back from court deposit

Infanta Cristina of Spain, an older sister to King Felipe, will have her attorneys submit a request on 14 July to the court in Palma to refund her 322,000 euros from the587,000 euro deposit she made to the court. After being acquitted of charges in the Nóoscase that saw her husband, IñakiUrdangarín, convicted of money fraud and corruption, Cristina was fined265,000 euros…
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Meet Grace, the new royal dog of Denmark

The Royal Family of Denmark has welcomed a new addition to the Royal Household in the form of a border collie puppy. Grace, Denmark’s new four-legged friend, arrived at Gråsten Castle on Saturday where Crown Princess Mary snapped a photo of her and uploaded it to…
European RoyalsGreece

Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and daughter share birthday bash before moving to the US

This past weekend, on Saturday evening, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece celebrated his 50th birthday in London alongside close family, friends and European royals. His eldest child, Princess Maria Olympia, also celebrated her birthday ahead of time (she will turn 21 on 25 July) in a joint bash with her father at a manor in Gloucestershire. The birthday celebration, which had a…
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European Royals

How much are the European monarchs worth?

There is little doubt that European monarchs are very wealthy, but some are more than others. Although it is not possible to know precisely how much they are worth, a lot of different estimations exists. The variations in numbers can be explained by the different criteria…
BelgiumEuropean Royals

Queen Paola’s 80th birthday celebrated early and in style

Queen Paola of Belgium’s birthday is actually on 11 September, but she took the opportunity before the summer to get her entire family together. However, in true Prince Laurent style, he was 1.5 hours late and missed the concert and the cutting of the cake. The grand party was held in the Music Chapel Queen Elisabeth in Waterloo where a classical concert took place with 150 guests. Among…
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