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Why does Royal Central have advertising?

Royal Central stands under the principle that all our content should be free to access for all our users, not hidden behind a paywall or requiring a subscription to access. Because of this, we must use alternative ways to fund our website and allow us to bring our great content to you and the most effective way for us to raise funds is to place advertising on our site.

Whilst we do try to keep the advertising to a minimum, we must also consider the demands of funding our operation which does sometimes means ads may appear in obtrusive locations. As we constantly experiment with new ways to place advertising, sometimes this advertising may hinder the content. If this happens, we urge you to contact us to let us know as we’re keen to ensure the advertisements don’t hinder your browsing experience. Click here to contact us if that happens.

For our advertising needs, we use a programme called Google Adsense and we are paid for every click rendered on one of the ads. Because of this programme, we don’t have any direct control over what ads are shown on the site though we do work with Google to filter out sensitive and political content as much as possible. We apologise for any ads on the site which may offend readers though rest assured we try to keep these away from the site.

Thank you for supporting Royal Central by accepting the use of ads on our site.