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Prince Edward and Sophie visit Heart and Soul Festival in Edinburgh

Whilst visiting Scotland and acting as The Queen’s representatives in the Scottish General Assembly, Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex attended the annual Heart and Soul Festival in Edinburgh yesterday.


The one-day event, which is based in Princes Street Gardens, celebrates religions from across the world and its main theme for this year’s festival was: “Hands across the globe”. As stated on the festival’s official website, the event aims to “celebrate the life of the church through the lens of its international heritage, relationships and partners”.

During the festival, the Countess of Wessex looked as if she enjoyed herself by getting a henna tattoo painted across the top of her hand from artist Humaira Rehrel. The tattoo, which can last up to three weeks, is usually worn at Hindu and Muslim wedding days and is seen as a good luck charm in some countries.

Prince Edward also helped serve meals from the festival’s soup kitchen, which was sponsored by the Church of Scotland.

The festival focuses on activities for children and young people, and a team of people from the Sunday School resource material company Spill The Beans was there to interact with the children at the event.

The highlight of the festival this year was the mass closing worship ceremony, where over 2,000 people gathered outside as the sun began to set to worship together in the centre of Edinburgh. The Wild Goose Resource Group helped with the closing ceremony by playing music.

Their Graces will continue to tour parts of Scotland during General Assembly week as well as attending the assembly. During their week in Scotland, they are residing at Holyrood Palace, The Queen’s official residence in Scotland.

Photo credit: With thanks to Clare Ambler

  • Michael Steven Chavez

    I know that Prince Edward uses the title of an earl, but does he also use the style? Isn’t he, and by extension his wife, entitled to the HRH?

    • Royal Central

      Prince Edward was appointed Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and for the duration of the General Assembly week, he and his wife use the style of His and Her Grace by convention instead of HRH. Also, this means he uses the title of Lord High Commissioner instead of Earl of Wessex during this time.

      Hope this helps.

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